Does This Look Small?


A little over a week ago I had my last monthly prenatal visit. Now it's down to every 2 weeks. I don't see him again till May 27th. Then maybe one other time before my scheduled date - June 16th at 9:30AM. That's pretty precise lol.

This last visit left me feeling a little alarmed. He was rushed, never looked up once, asked me the same question 3 times before he actually listened to the answer. The whole visit lasted maybe 2 minutes then his nurse did the rest. Which is fine, but she measured my belly and the doctor comes in saying "you're measuring too small for 36 weeks and I am scheduling another ultrasound" then I blinked and he was saying as he walked out the door that the baby might not be receiving enough nutrients - then he was gone. I didn't even have time to ask any questions.

Have you heard of anyone being measured small before?

I have been having a lot of movement, and I am assuring myself that the baby is just laying more inward and sideways. I feel massive and like I am going to burst, and the due date is not in question because the last ultra sound confirmed what we already knew.

So now I am just waiting for a call to tell me when the ultra sound is going to be. It has been over a week now and no word from them. I have called, but they keep saying to call tomorrow.

I just thought the ob is there to help alleviate concerns - not create any without answering questions.

What are some reasons a persons belly might be measuring small?


Tina said...

I measured "too small" with baby #2 and 3. and had to go for additional ultra sounds. Both times everything was fine. I think that it was just the way I carried them. Besides, doesn't the baby take the nutrients from the mom if needed?

Anyway I would try not to worry too much.

Shanilie said...

The doctor wasn't very clear in his explanation about his comment regarding nutrients. But I have several questions ready to ask next visit lol

Not worried just glad to know this is not an uncommon thing.

Andrea said...

I measured small with both my kids too. And the doctor was all worried about both my babies saying they felt small, etc...but nope, they were both fine, both healthy weights, etc. Is there any chance the baby has dropped? I know that once baby drops you autimatically measure small no matter what.

Stacey said...

Or the nurse wasn't very good at measuring! Either way, I'm sure your little bean is fine :) I can't believe it's coming so soon!

Carrie said...

Oh, my goodness, I can't imagine the stress you're feeling!!! I will be praying for you, and I'm sure everything will be alright - I think if the baby's moving enough, that's the best sign that your baby's fine!!! Also, I would've throttled that dr. on his way out the door!!!

Maureen said...

I measured small at points with baby #1 and #5. Not only were they fine, but #1 weighed 9 lb 11 oz (2 weeks early!)!!! I hope you are able to get some answers soon.

Erica Hildebrand said...

Shan, I measured small the second time around, too. At 29 weeks I was measuring that of a 26 week-er. And I was pretty much consistantly measuring 3 weeks too small until the end...weird. But when Britta was born and I delivered the placenta my OB was VERY shocked by the size of the placenta - she said it was "abnormally small". She later explained that it was good I had the baby when I did because she wasn't recieving the nutrients she was in other words, the placenta wasn't doing its job properly. That's my case, though....some just measure small and that is that. But boy, did Britta EVER come out RAVENOUS! I think she nursed every 40 mins in the first 2 days - my milk came in VERY early!

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