A Daunting Project


As most of you know, Ryan and I for a time had a long distance relationship when we were first dating. He graduated from university, and I went home to NS. We corresponded via phone/emails/letter writing for quite a while and I am very thankful for that. We really opened up and got to know each other really well. I have probably hundreds of emails in my account from that time, but I never look at them. So, I decided to print them off and put them into a folder.

It is easier said than done. I tried clicking print from the top of the page, and it printed 3+ pages of color with url and sidebar etc, a bunch of things I didn't need. Then I tried selecting just the text and clicked print, and the page printed out blank. Then I tried clicking print from the printer friendly version from hotmail ( the little printer icon) but the emails extended into one lonnnnnnggg line and printed off only the first sentance. It was becoming redictliously slow. Having to click print after each email.


What I ended up doing was coping and pasting into Microsoft Word. It was a LOT faster, I could change the font/color/size to anything I wanted and click greyscale so I wouldn't get anything in color. That would have been a waste.

Don't laugh - here is a picture of what I have so far.

I have decided to go to an office supply store and for $3.00 they will put cheap, plastic, brown coil binding on it.


Devoted Mama said...

That is SO sweet that you still have those letters! You both will cherish them :) Does Ryan know that you are printing them or is it a surprise?

Holy Cow~your pregnancy has flown by!!!! I just noticed that your ticker @ the top says 30 more days! It's just been wicked quick!

Shanilie said...

Yes, he does know. But looking back It would have made a nice present/surprise. He is quite excited about reading them.

I know!! I don't know where the time went. 9 months really does fly by.

Maureen said...

How romantic!!!! You don't meet many couples these days who are willing to put in the effort to make a long distance relationship work, much less learn so much about each other in the process. Sigh... it's better than a romance novel.

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