4 Year Pictures


I had Jacob's four year pictures done. I especially wanted to get them done so I would have a pre-school picture. Then I will continue on with each school year: primary, 1-12 etc.

I just took a picture of a picture so the quality is terrible. On the top of my printer there is a scanner, but I have yet to learn how to scan pictures.

If you look really closely at the picture, Jacob has some sort of splotch on the right side of his face (left of the pic). I can't figure out why it is there. I bathed, washed his face right before the photos were done. It looks like dirt of some sort. I want to scan the photo and edit it in some photo editing program. Any ideas? Would photoshop do the trick? I don't want the picture to turn out fake looking, but I don't want that splotch on his face either lol.

If anyone wants to help attempt to air brush the photo I can scan the picture and send it in an email. I have a lot to learn still in the ways of photo editing. Your help would be VERY appreciated!

To view Jacob's first 11 month pictures click here.(they are a mixture of pictures I have taken, and those taken in a studio).

1 Year Picture

Of course I took a million in between those times, but I would usually go to get his pictures done from Sears for those months. I am finally down to getting professional pictures once a year with Jacob and now I will have to start all over again with number 2 lol. I am excited, and I plan to take a LOT more photos the second time around. Meeting other mommy photographers through blogging has shown me how creative you can get. If only I heard of blogging in Jacob's first few months.


~Billie~ said...

Cute! Photobucket has some editing options. I haven't played around with them too much, though. Good luck!
We spent yesterday afternoon taking pictures too. I plan on posting them soon, as well. =)

Maureen said...

If a professional did the photos, I would ask them to airbrush the photo. They should have done that type of thing anyway. I don't know what the laws in Canada are, but in the US, you aren't supposed to be scanning copyrighted photos anyway. So really, the photographer should do it. It's possible that something happened in the processing of the negatives or photo and it wasn't on Jacob in the first place. Good luck with it!

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