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Jacob was outiside enjoying the stream behind our house. It was fun watching him explore. I just LOVE Canadian geese. It is SO nice to see them back from wherever they went. I usually just see a ton of them in the sky in formation leaving these ole cold parts. I haven't seen so many of them resting in the river and on the bank before.

ALSO: I wanted to let you know about a photo contest we are having at Glimpse Reviews! Send your 'family fun' themed photo to me shanilie.glimpse@gmail.com to be entered to win a canvas photo bag from Blushing Bags! Open to Canadian and non-Canadian readers!


Andrea said...

Great pics!! We don't have any geese here yet though...I'm waiting for their return! :)

Devoted Mama said...

What cute pics of Jacob! We've noticed the Canadian geese's arrival here too! I hear them every morning around the time Justin gets on the school bus & then in the evenings before we come in from playing (when weather permits, of course!).

Thanks for the heads up on the photo contest :) I'll send you a pic soon~will have to sort thru my pics & find one that fits the theme :)

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