Thomas B-Day Cake


Jacob's birthday and party is tomorrow. He will be 4 years old at 10:21PM to be precise. Nothing fancy, just a few of his favorites and Grammie and Granddad and my siblings. I have been ill the last couple of days in bed. Caught some sort of cold/flu going around. So, somehow I am going to have to muster enough strength to do this cake recipe I have been wanting to do. Check here if you would like to try it:

I have all the supplies and the plastic Thomas face ready. I am not artistically inclined at all. So I will post a picture tomorrow showing what mine looks like. I am making a few changes. The wheels are just going to be Oreo cookies and nope, I am just using a plastic Thomas face. I don't have the time/energy to attempt making it the way they do on this site. So don't laugh if it looks nothing like the cake on the site. As long as it is recognizable to Jacob lol.

Ugh - Sniff - Hack - cough - I want to feel better - SOON! My family had a baby shower for me 2 nights ago and I could barely eat a thing. There was a chocolate fondue fountain and I was able eat some fruit. But so much good food I just couldn't eat :s. More pictures to come soon.

Well, I am off to take Jacob to pre-school. I don't know what's worse. Being sick alone, or being sick and running around with an active almost 4 year old (tomorrow)?


Lori said...

can't wait to see how the cake turns out... try to rest and relax and feel better for you and the itty bitty you are carrying!

Carrie said...

That is adorable. But if I attempted to make it, it would look like a large blue lump with a Thomas face stuck on it. :)

Maureen said...

Good luck with the cake, it is sooooo cute. My son would have been so happy if I had tried something like that. I took cake decorating as a teen, but instead of it making me braver, I am a chicken to try things like this. I can't wait to see your photo. I also hope you feel better. Being sick while pregnant really stinks, especially when you have another little one to look after.

~Billie~ said...

How fun! My boys would love a cake like that. Can't wait to see your's!!

~Billie~ said...

And I hope your feeling better. ((HUGS))

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