Swine Flu


I hadn't heard of that till last night. Now I am convinced that is what Jacob and I have been struck with. I have been living off of my inhalers. Not fun! Just fine one day then the next - ill. It has hung on for SOOOO long.

I have been so busy lately and have no idea what to blog about when I don't have pictures to add. I always think that people will find my day to day activities boring. But, if you are interested I suppose I could start blogging more about that. That way I would have something to write about. My days are not usually that exciting.

My Typical Day
"If I don't have to go anywhere - which I usually do so I have to squeeze it in and end up with a VERY tiring day"

- get up with Ryan when his alarm goes off at 6
- Have porridge for breakfast
- Shower
- Jacob gets up around 7:30
- He is at pre-school by 8:30
- I get things like laundry/dishes done
- pick him up at lunch
- Eat
- Put Jacob down for nap
- Then I have some free comp. time if I don't nap myself
- Jacob gets up
- Make supper
- Ryan's home by 4:30
- We put Jacob in the stroller and go for a walk
- Visit nearby family
- Do homework
- Watch a show
- Go to bed by 9:00 - yes, we go to bed early
I love my days. And I love routine.

The weather is supposed to be +28 today! It was +20 on Sunday, but the temperatures at night still get to below zero.

I have been going through major nesting. Trying to get things as neat and organized as possible. It's looking good in here.


Lori said...

sounds like a good routine to me. as for what to post about... post about whatever you want to post about. I came to the conclusion a bit ago that the blog was for me... not my readers!

~Billie~ said...

OMG! That is too cold for a walk. LOL! I'm such a wuss. If it's cold, I'd rather be inside.
I loved that Nesting stage... my house was never cleaner. =)

Maureen said...

This whole swine flu thing has me a bit paranoid lately. My daughter's physical therapist is supposedly in Mexico. Am I rude to ask that he doesn't see us until he's been quarantined for at least 72 hours? I may find that we are suddenly "sick" and have to cancel PT until it has been 72 hours. It's scary. I have no day to day routine anymore. I am definitely one who loves routine, but as homeschoolers, our days are different every day of the week depending on that's day's classes, clubs, field trips, etc. Poor Persephone gets so cranky from being in the car too much some days.

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