New Beginnings!


Easter is one of the many times of the year that I really enjoy. The sun is shining, the air is getting warmer and there are finally a few buds on some wildflowers. Then we enjoyed a Good Friday service at church yesterday. It is a message that never gets old and it always remind me of the new life we have in Christ. Thank goodness for NEW BEGINNINGS! Afterward we enjoyed a cinnamon bun fellowship. So I made sure I made some of my favorite - very unhealthy snack mmmmm cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting. So yummy!

Today is a little extra special. Jacob has never been on a train before so we are heading in with my family to the city and taking the 2 hour train ride to the next smaller city. Plus my parents paid for Jacob's ticket, so Ryan and I only had to worry about $22 for ourselves. NOT BAD! I can't wait to see his reaction. Most forms of transportation ..... yes scare me lol so I am just not going to let it show.... but I will admit my suppressed worry on my blog. It helps :).

Jacob has his Thomas shirt and hat on again, excitedly waiting for his very first train ride! Will show some pics first thing tomorrow! I hope everyone is having a wonderful long Easter weekend!

*Here is a picture of the ocean from my backyard last night. The sunsets off the ocean are really magnificent. (I thought this picture was very fitting as the sun was setting when Jesus died Luke 23:44-56)


Maureen said...

Wow! What a beautiful photo!

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