Camera Arrived!


Woohoo! We are excited here today! Not only was I able to pick up the camera from the post office yesterday, there was another storm day today!! SO EXCITED!

Ryan is the most spoiled teacher this year! This is the 14th snow day! Ryan a
nd I are thoroughly enjoying today together and enjoying getting to know how to use our camera. You've heard me whine about my grainy pictures from our broken camera long enough.

Thank goodness fo
r income tax return $ that helped us purchase it. With the new baby on the way I wanted to start out with something not too complicated, and considered an SLR but right now a point and shoot camera is perfect for us.

It is Canon SX10 IS. It came with:

- Telephoto & wide angle lense
- Mini and full-size tri pod
- close up lense set

- Set of three filters (UV, CPL, FLD)

- Extra flash

- Camera case
- Large camea bag

- 2 memory cards (4GB)

- Hand strap

- Neck strap

Now we just need baby lol


Lori said...

can't wait to see lots of new pictures of your little ones

~Billie~ said...

ooo!! Fun fun! Hope to see tons of new photos. =)

Devoted Mama said...

Wow, congrats on your new camera! You'll have SO much fun & I can't wait to see all the pics you take :)

Maureen said...

Fun! I love my camera, which is an Olympus. I was a diehard Minolta fan for 20+ years, but I guess they fizzled with the whole digital stuff or something.

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