"Baby's Coming Out"


"Baby's coming out"

That was the first thing Jacob told me last night before bed. He loves kissing & hugging my belly and saying hi to the baby. We have had the name chosen for quite a while now, so now even Jacob is calling my belly by his/her name. At first we had separate names for a boy or girl - but one name we loved more. It is a gender neutral name that we love for either a boy or a girl. I find it SO nice to say the name when we are talking to the baby.
It is such a bonding experience. I have a few small stretch marks showing this time around, because I am larger this pregnancy I suppose.

Every time Jacob sees them he says with enthusiasm "my belly is getting ready to open".

" It's cracking, it's opening up mom" - "Baby's coming out"
- as he points to the stretch marks.

And I will usually respond with "yes, soon." I find it hilarious! That he thinks that my stretch marks are just going to open up and out will come baby lol. I want to keep reminding him that my belly isn't just growing, but that he will have a little brother or sister running around too. Jacob is not a big fan of change, so I hope talking about it often and reading children's books, looking at pregnancy photos, and yes - the occasional baby story on TLC will help lol..

I find it so amazing the mind of a three year old. He still points to my belly button when he says the baby is eating or when he goes to say hi.

To keep up with tradition, I had to post a bare belly shot. When I was pregnant with Jacob I hadn't started blogging yet so I had no idea people did such beautiful pregnancy photo shoots. As I have mentioned in the past, I ended up with 2 bare belly shots lol. I didn't get any stretch marks the first time around. I contemplated air brushing my belling in photoshop but who am I kidding ... occationally people get stretch marks :s So here is my belly - 100 % au natural.


Lori said...

sounds like Jacob is getting excited to meet his new sibling. Can't wait to hear what you picked out for a name

Devoted Mama said...

Isn't it funny the things our "little" 3 (almost 4) year olds come up with ;) I think Jacob will do just fine~it will be an adjustment @ 1st but once he realizes how fun a sibling can be, he'll do just fine :) Plus, w/all you're doing to prepare him, that can only help :)

♥ the belly pic! It's just the most miraculous experience on Earth & it's beautiful to see!

I can't wait to hear the name you guys chose too :)

Devoted Mama said...
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Maureen said...

Isn't it funny how kids come up with these things. When my cousin was born when I was 8, I finally had to ask my aunt and uncle why in the world they kept a raisin in his belly button. I tried so hard to be polite about it, but all the adults laughed so hard. And then I got to learn about umbilical cords...

Andrea said...

haha...I LOVE the minds of toddlers. That is too cute that Jacob thinks your belly is cracking and getting ready to open. Love it!

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