Weekend Is Here


Burrr it is cold today. The wind off the bay is very nippy, we were all bundled up last night.

Thankfully this was one night Jacob didn't pee in his bed yeaee!!! We have been keeping a potty in his room, that way it is close to him and he doesn't have the daunting task of having to wal through a dark house wayyy far away from his bed hehe jk. I'm just trying to imagine how he must feel when he has to pee through the night.

The weekend is finally here and Ryan is gone again. But when he gets home Sunday night I get him ALL week! Woohoo for March breaks!!!

So far we don't have anything too spectacular planned, maybe go to a movie which I can't remember the last time we did. and we're trying to finish our income tax information. Sooo excited. Always nice to have a little extra. Help get ahead.

I recently found out from Lori at "Teacher Turned Mommy" that I am getting a specially made name button! It is always fun to win something. I guessed the date correctly that her son Blake's tooth would come in. Thanks Lori!!


Maureen said...

There is something about going to the movies at the end of my pregnancies that causes me to start having contractions. That combined with peeing every 15 minute means that I miss a lot of the movie. Last time though, I had fun because another pregnant mom and I kept coming out to go potty at the same time. We weren't even in the same theatre. We got quite a laugh out of it.

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