Well I am here at Ryan's work passing time with Jacob. Quietly stuffed in a little office with the laptop excitedly waiting for our family time coming up. You know how in the previous post I said we had nothing too spectacular planned for March break? Well....out of the blue Ryan suggests going to a hotel with a pool/hot tub/fitness center. We have NEVER done this before.....nope, not even for our honeymoon lol. Ryan isn't the most spontaneous person in the world so this REALLY excited me.

It is exciting to be able to do things as a family. I would SO much rather Jacob with us. I really can't imagine him not there. Even for our past anniversaries Jacob has come with us wherever we were. He can't stop talking about it. I don't think Ryan and I need to go away for days just the two of us to keep those romantic candles lit. Perhaps once the baby is born I will be eating my words and begging for a reprieve & some time just Ryan and I, but in almost 4 years I have yet to feel that.

I brought my camera so I will post pics when I get back. Also, we will be in the city so I will be able to get that CD of baby ultrasound pictures! I can't wait to share them with you. I can't wait to see them myself lol. I wasn't able to get photos with Jacob so this is exciting.

SO - if anyone is looking for me in the next couple of days, I will be away. I may get a chance to check my emails for other inquiries. Also, I wanted to let my readers know that there is a Celebrating 100 contest going on at GLIMPSE. It is open to ALL - international and Canadian viewers. We are giving away THREE natural Presidenets Choice products. And all you have to do is add yourselves to our followers list and your names will be entered in. It is so fun winning things.

I will be back Wed. with a new giveaway on GLIMPSE! See you then :D


Andrea said...

Oh, that's so exciting! I hope you have an awesome time together...and I TOTALLY agree with you. I'd much, MUCH rather do something fun with my hubby and my kids instead of leaving the kids out. And I can't imagine NOT taking them with us too. :)

Anyways, have FUN!!!

~Billie~ said...

Oooo! Exciting! Have fun!

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