Pre-School Work Books


Jacob loves learning! Ever since his second Christmas when he was 18 months - I gave him a chalk board with the alphabet on it and we would sing the ABC's together. I would ask where certain letters were and he would point to them.

To reinforce his love for learning we often take him to Dollarama. Everything in the store is one dollar. They have pre-school age workbooks ALL for one dollar. He has several in areas of math, reading, writing and shapes/colors etc. Inside each of the workbooks are sheets of reward stickers that say things like "wow, or well done, or great job". He LOVES to get a sticker on a completed page and enjoys picking out a sticker. On many ocations I can not tear him away from his workbook and within a few minutes will have the whole thing finished.They are not thin books either. They are durable, thick, glossy pages. The great thing about Dollarama is that they occationally have good quality items but the reason they are SO affordable is because companies will give them flawed products. For instance, the printed paper lines were not completely straight, or a glass vase has an indent in it. I can't imagine Jacob ever notices any flaws in his workbooks. As you can tell I LOVE that store.

At the end of each work book they have a certificate of achievement where you can write his name that he completed the book. It is always exciting for him to add one secured with a magnet onto the fridge.

* As you can see at the top picture, he LOVES making J's. Perhaps because he recognizes it as a letter of his name, and he loves writing his name. It's cute. I'll have to post a picture. His letter b's are still sometimes backwards.


Lori said...

it's good to see that he likes to learn. when children learn that learning is fun at a young age helps when they get to school

Drea said...

great deal! glad jacob is doing well :-)

Devoted Mama said...

That's awesome that he enjoys his workbooks. I need to check out our local dollar store (it's called Dollar Tree) & see if they have those.

Kendall has an easel w/a chalkboard on one side & a dry erase board on the other that's also magnetic & it came w/magnetic letters & numbers. He also has foam letters & numbers for the bathtub.

He ♥ writing & drawing on his easel & absolutely ♥ bathtime & playing w/his letters & numbers. Those workbooks would just re-inforce that ♥ for learning & practicing his letters & numbers though.

Jacob is such a cutie & is getting SO big! Isn't it hard to believe we're going to be Moms of FOUR year olds soon ;)

Andrea said...

That's awesome! I wish we had a Dollarama here...the closest one is about 2 1/2 hours away! :( Oh well...Tate isn't so much into book learning yet...but we're working on it! :)

~Billie~ said...

So cute! We get our workbooks from the dollar store too. B's and D's are hard for my son, as well. I remember getting them backwards, myself, when I was his age.

Carrie said...

So cute- I am a preschool teacher at heart & can't wait until Z is old enough to do stuff like this- I'll be searching for a Dollarama! :)

Devoted Mama said...

I was just checking in to see if you'd posted & I noticed the new baby ticker thingie you added to your sidebar (babystrology). I ♥ those & I think it's SO very special that you titled it "God's Baby" :) That made me tear up & gave me cold chills & just overall happy. How very special :)

Maureen said...

I miss the workbook days! Fortunately I have a baby who I can enjoy them with again. Preschool is my favorite age!

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