Jacob's Light Bright


Jacob has been enjoying playing with his light bright. I find little pegs all over the house when I go to sweep the floors hehe even when I think we have cleaned up every piece together.

With our new lil baby on the way and wanting to continue on with my photography education Ryan and I decided to get a camera. It will be arriving in hopefully a week! I am SOOO excited. I feel like I haven't really taken pictures at all this last year. The camera that took the above picture as I said took very dark, grainy pictures so NO MORE! Woohoo.

For the longest time I have considered doing this so, in time It is my goal to finish distance photography course and eventually have part-time from the home photography business. This was a hobby of mine before I had Jacob and especially afterward, but when our last good camera dropped it was put on hold.


Andrea said...

That's a really cute picture!! And YAY for getting a new camera...that is awesome. :)

Maureen said...

When I was a kid, a Light Brite was the one toy that I REALLY wanted and never got. One of my friends had one and I loved to go to her house and play with it. They still have a special place in my heart, but none of my kids think they are fun. :-(

Devoted Mama said...

Such a cute pic of Jacob w/his Lite Brite! Sounds like he's really enjoying it.

I had one when I was a child & just ♥'d it. I think it might be something Kendall would enjoy also. Maybe for his 4th b-day coming up ;)

Shanilie said...

Yes - his birthday is coming right up! I have been thinking about Jacob's ever since 2009 started lol.

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