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Lately Jacob has been loving playing with games. He is a pro at playing memory and go fish with his Thomas cards.

His most frequent favorite has been Snakes and Ladders. He loves going up the ladders then goes 'oh, oh no' whenever he has to go down the snake.

Another one of his favorites is the game Trouble. He pushes the dice roller and counts the number and moves the ammt. of spaces.

With his birthday coming up in April, Ryan and I have been considering getting him some sort of board game. Candy Land is one idea. Are there any childhood games you remember and loved?


Lori said...

games are great... I used Mancala in my classes a lot

what about Cootie, don't spill the beans, junior boggle, junior scrabble

Andrea said...

Pick Up Sticks! That was a fun one...but I don't even know if you can buy it anymore?!

Devoted Mama said...

My sisters & I ♥d Sorry, Connect Four, Operation, Rubik's Cube (although, I know that's not typically a "game")~~just to name a few. That's great that Jacob is so into board games :)

Maureen said...

The game I can't stand is Candyland. Just when you get near the end, someone gets sent back to the Peppermint guy or something. Like preschoolers can handle such stress! I actually cheat and put the special cards in the deck such that no one gets sent back too far. Also, if someone gets stuck in molasses swamp, I've been known to sneak the correct colored card to the top of the deck. Else, after 5 rounds or so of staying stuck, even the most patient preschooler will throw a fit.

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