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I don't know where the change in me came from. All I know is that my way of thinking has COMPLETELY changed. I thought there was no way I would ever use cloth diapers in what I considered to be the 'old fashioned' way. I didn't think they were worth the extra time, or perhaps I wanted to do things differently than the way my mom did it. Especially with such great brands like Huggies (which are my absolute favorite disposable brand), Pampers, and even the President's Choice no-name type duck brand did very well.

BUT....... The last couple of months I have seen so many online blogger friends go exclusively with cloth diapers and have a VERY good experience. It is so exciting! It is not at all how I had pictured from childhood and fussing with pins, time consuming folding, and more laundry. I have been converted lol. The funny thing is, It isn't about all the money savings (though I HAD to do a price comparison). It is so much better for your babies bum, and for the environment & really pretty looking too. If you have more than one child the diapers can re-used with them! Now that's savings!

I quite often have to wash Jacob's bedding because he does have the occasional accident at night since I stopped putting a diaper on him about 6 months ago. I am ALWAYS doing some sort of laundry.

I have been fussing with a list for some time now, and I think I finally narrowed the list down.

Here is my list so far - starting from scratch doing laundry every 2-3 days:

- $100.00 2 Dozen Chinese Pre-folds
- $ 15.00 1 Dozen flat diapers
- $ 13.00 Apple Cheeks
- $ 23.00 Bum Genius All-in-ones more all-in-ones here
- $ 50.00 6 Variety Fitted diapers
- $ 25.00 Disposable liners
- $ 8.00 Fabric liners

Other Accessories:

- $ 40.00 Diaper Pail
- $ 13.00 Diaper Pail Liner / Wet Bag
- $ 4.50 for pack of two Snappis
- $ 3.99 each $25.00 for six Plastic Covers - So far the most inexpensive ones I'v found and such pretty colors too!

- $7.25 for 15 Fabric wipes (throw them in the wash with the diapers)

TOTAL COST: $323.75 Remember this number is a one time cost. Most pre-folds can fit your child till at least the age of two and by then he/she is potty training.

Also compare it to this: (every month I bought this with Jacob)
1 case of diapers ($ 43.00)
1 Case of disposable full of chemicals and perfumes wipes ($6.50)
EXPENSIVE bum genii bag refills ($14.00)
bum genii ($40.00)
TOTAL: Over $100.00 EVERY month. YIKES That isn't including the cost of larger diapers and 'feel and learn' type costly potty training diapers.

Cost for 2 years $2400.00(disposable) . Compared to $323.75 (cloth) - these numbers are subject to change depending on individual preferences, length of potty training time, buying larger/specialty diapers etc.

Here is a list of cloth diapering brands/companies/shops/info: (There are others, but these ones have peaked my interest and have been reviewed on our blog and friends' blogs)

Mother Ease
Apple Cheeks
Mom's & Bums
Green Mountain Diapers
Sew Crafty Baby
Wee Ones
Baby Be Blessed
Super Duper Diapers
BB Butts
Natural Parenting Shop

Here are some good washing sites:

Cloth Diaper Washing Care Instructions (Bummis)
Cloth Diaper Cleaning Guide (Apple Cheeks)

I would ideally like to have a few all-in-one diapers to throw into my diaper bag when I go on an outing during the day. Something quick and easy. They come in so many great colors and prints too!

Also, I would like a more sturdy, absorbent diaper for during the night. Do you know of any extra efficient diaper for night-time?

So that's my list. There are so many brands and companies that I have decided to just test out one and see which ones I love, rather than stocking up on a lot of one kind. Then as our baby grows I will know what sizes to order in the future and which style/brands I like better. With up-coming showers I am thankful that most of that cost will be taken care of.


~Billie~ said...

We've used cloth on and on. I have a couple of all-in-one's.
Good luck! =)

Stacey said...

All-In-Ones are great for in the diaper bag! I really like Monkey Doodlez Bamboo Doodlez, which are made in Canada :)

As for a night diaper, Mother-Ease Sandy's are perfect, with an extra liner or two. Bamboo is the softest. They come in newborn, small and large, which is all you need. I highly recommend the covers from Mother-Ease too, as they do not leak. They are a great price for a night diaper too :)

As far as prefolds, you will need more than one size, as the larger ones would be huge on a small newborn, and the small ones won't fit til potty training. Indian prefolds are softer than chinese.

Oh, and if you want to just buy a large hanging wet bag, you won't need a pail. Two is nice, so you are prepared for wash day!

You know what, I'm going to email you :)

Maureen said...

I feel bad, I'm doing the opposite of you with this baby. I used cloth for the first four and bought everything to do cloth with this one, then I just hated dealing with it. The covers never seemed to fit, I was spending a fortune trying to find some that did...She has a very long torso. I have to buy her shirts two sizes larger than her pants and still I have to roll the pant legs up. Of course, that messed me up with the clothes that I bought on sale before she was born (I haven't saved anything as it had been ten years since baby #4).

BTW, I did start looking into making DIY all-in-ones. There are a lot of patterns out there. I still may do that, because at least they would fit her then,

Carrie said...

This is such a great idea - thanks for sharing all that you've been learning! I don't think I would EVER do cloth diapers with a breastfed newborn - WAY too many icky mustard diapers to rinse out & wash & I don't need any extra work when I'm exhausted. :) But I'm glad you put that price comparison in there - it's pretty eye opening! :)

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