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As all of you know, Jacob is obsessed with anything Thomas. For about a year and a half Jacob has had this Thomas puzzle. He used to spend so much time on putting puzzles together. I would leave the room, and a few minutes later he would have the WHOLE thing finished. This puzzle is quite a bit larger than the puzzles he started with. As time went on we bought more and more puzzles, pieces getting smaller and more pieces to put together. Much different than the puzzles that took 12 pieces to finish.

Now he plays this game where he finds it funny to try and put the puzzle piece in the wrong place. He enjoyed putting his puzzle together with my sister, his aunt Rachael in my living room. This room seems to get the least amount of traffic and floor space. Jacob still amazes me at how much he can learn. He has been putting puzzles together since he was younger than two. Children sure develop at all different rates. MIND BOGGLING!

Well, I am off to get Jacob to pre-school. Later today I have my 6 month ob appointment. :s I always feel a little nervous about going. I wonder why that is?


Lori said...

putting puzzles together is a great learning skill and lots of fun too. he must have great problem solving skills as well as spacial relational skills... 2 skills that will help him in school

Lori said...
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~Billie~ said...

Aww! What great photos! Looks like they are having a ton of fun.

Maureen said...

How sweet! I miss the days of Thomas with my son. Though I don't miss watching that horrible Thomas movie with Alec Baldwin in it (not that I mind Alec Baldwin, he just happened to be in it). It came out while we were living in temporary housing next to a really cheap movie theatre. We were so desperate to get out of the tiny apartment, we saw that movie over and over and over. Then I BOUGHT it when it came out on DVD. I know, I know, what the heck was I thinking!?!?! I have no idea, but it wasn't something smart.

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