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Things have been quite busy here as of late. I have had others asking me and I figured - why not start talking about it now. I just recently was able to tell my family, in person when I could, but the great thing about news is that it travels - fast. So now that the word is out I feel comfortable mentioning it on here as it wouldn't have been very nice to find out online! lol

Ryan and I, with a lot of prayerful consideration decided to move out west to MB. That is where Ryan's family lives, where we went to university, and where our friends are. It has been something we have always considered, but now that we have 'almost' two children we figured we had better get on the move and decide something before our children are in school and for Jacob, potentially that could be this fall, but definitely buy next fall for sure.

I am finally over my all day sickness and am no longer taking diclectin for nausea, and I am soooo much more energetic. I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets, drawers and my house is neater and more organized than it has ever been. There are boxes here and there that I am packing. It is a bit of a bitter sweet feeling. Mainly, I would rather be focusing 100% of my efforts in preparing for our new lil one, but now we have to think about many things. Here is my prayer list if you would like to pray for us:

- that our house sells and if it doesn't that we can find renters
- that Ryan gets a full-term teaching position in MB
- that the baby arrives on time, healthy and perhaps naturally
- that our move and travels will be safe

Baby is due June 23rd and we will all be stuffed in a lil car driving 5+ days on June 30th as we want the house available for renters July 1st - eeek.

As you can see there are so many unknowns at this point and I have no hesitation at all in moving without having all the details worked out yet. We know this is God's leading and I am trusting Him more than I think I ever have before. Ryan and I know we are making the best decision for each of ourselves individually, and the best for our family.

I am just saddened at the reality that NS will never be my home again. My home is with my family - Ryan, Jacob and our new lil one. I will be lucky to afford to visit every couple of years. Since living in NS Ryan has visited his home once in 4 years and his parents graciously paid for that flight. But very few people in our families have married someone from so far away and it definitely has its challenges. But I know without a doubt Ryan was specifically chosen for me and is the love of my life - big family, small family, no family, from here or from China.

I have let go, it is just the tiny speck inside me that thinks of the possibility and what could have been. No one place or person is perfect but I have a family now and I will one day soon be a mother of two, perhaps more some day, a grandmother, and even a great grandmother. Because at the end of my days - I would think anyway that it would be my children and grandchildren that would be visiting me and that means more to me than anything in the word.


~Billie~ said...

Oh wow! Exciting and stressful times! I will keep you guys in my thoughts. Your brave! Packing up for such a long drive so soon after the birth. Best of luck!

Andrea said...

Wow! That is SO exciting! My family lives in MB and we visit them at least once a year (but they come here every month - it's only a 5 hr. drive, so not too far away). SO, maybe if you're moving anywhere close to where my family is, we could meet and hang out one time when we're out! That'd be soooo fun. Btw...if you don't mind telling me, what town/city are you moving to?

Carrie said...

Wow- I didn't even realize you lived in Canada! :) Anyway...

That's exciting about moving, but, wow, I hope your baby comes early! I can't imagine doing anything a week after giving birth!!! :) I'll be praying for you!

Maureensk said...

Thank you Carrie for cluing me in! Canada! No wonder I couldn't figure out what state you were talking about. I thought you were using code to keep it a secret from weird internet people or something. Us Americans and our American-centricism. :-( Of course, calling us Americans is egocentric also as Canadians, Mexicans, South Americans, etc. are also Americans, but "United Statesian" just is weird...We need a better come on, a nice one....:-) BTW, good luck, though you are kind of crazy to go on such a long trip with a newborn! Ahh, to be 20-something and so energetic again....

Maureensk said...

Sadly, I had to look up MB, Manitoba... at least I knew what NS stood for. When you said out west, I thought you might be moving to BC, which is near me. I am in WA (Washington, the state, not the capital, in case Canadians don't study US geography anymore than we study Canadian geography). MB is kind of more middle Canada... do Canadians have a phrase for that? We refer to the middle of the US as the mid-west, which is kind of strange when you think about it...why not mid-east?

Thomas said...

I hope the move goes smoothly. Good luck with it.

Pierrette said...

I hope the moves goes extra smoothly for you.

One of my fellow bloggers and good friends live in MB - La familia zet-girouard

also take a second to check out my latest post

Keira said...

Wow, how exciting! Do you know what part of MB - like Wpg? Or are you open to whatever?

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