Sore throat, cough, head pounding, nauseated, swollen glands and a fever - yes, I do believe I have caught whatever bug it was that Jacob had. I have read that being pregnant slows down the immune system so that may have something to do with it. I have already been on antibiotics earlier on in the pregnancy for bronchitis - so I just hope my cough won't get any worse. Definitely doesn't help having asthma.

I just need to get an extra wind for tomorrow. I have my follow-up appointment with my ob to go over the ultra-sound results. Should be interesting, plus the usual check-up details ' weight' blood pressure'.

I have to say though that I am getting to a point where my car drivers seat wont move back any farther and my belly is getting in the way of the wheel. So, if it is like this at 5 months, I can't imagine what it will be like for me driving at 9 months. Lets hope I won't have to drive too often lol. I may have to get my Granddad to drive in the future, he's always driving Jacob and I places.

I am definitely showing more at this point than I did with Jacob. I have heard that the muscles are less toned after the first pregnancy. For any of my blog readers who have more than one child - did you carry differently the second time around?

Jacob is enjoying playing with his puzzle with Daddy and I'm off to collapse on the couch with some tea, and I am going to pray all goes well tomorrow.

On a side note - thank you for those who commented on whether or not I should have a second blog for Jacob, I decided just to import it into this blog. So farewell to Jacob's blog. Having more than one is definitely time consuming and I am happy to know the posts are now under the corresponding archived dates - all into this one blog.


Stam House said...

I carried pretty much the same way! (both girls) but gain way less the second time around

Andrea said...

With the second baby I noticed that I got bigger faster during the first 5-6 months. But then it all slowed down and at 9 months I was still basically the same size as I was with my first baby...so that was nice! Maybe this'll happen for you too. :) And I hope you feel better REALLY soon!

Melissa said...

I showed faster with my 2nd pregnancy that my first- it was so exciting too!!

Hope your feeling better.

BTW, I have an award for you over on my blog!!

connie said...

Sorry to hear you've caught the bug & I hope it subsides soon & you feel much better soon!

I definitely began showing sooner w/my 2cd & 3rd pregnancies. Mine were all boys so I carried the same way basically but like I said, I began showing sooner after Justin. You need to post a "baby bump" pic for us :)

Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound results~you'll have to keep us posted.

Maureen said...

I'm sorry to hear your sick! Take care of yourself. It's hard being pregnant AND sick. I carried differently with each of my five. I carried high, I carried low, I carried out, I carried in... I feel like I'm reading a Dr. Seuess book... Anyway, each position has it's own benefits and curses. Carrying high spares the bladder, but makes it hard to breath and gives you reflux, carrying low spares the rib cage and stomach, but is hard on the bladder and leg veins, plus there is the wonderful pelvic pressure that comes when they are low and you feel like you have a bowling ball between your legs at the end. Good luck tomorrow!

Summer said...

Feel better soon!!!

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