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Yesterday I had my eye exam. I hadn't had one in ages. It was the longest eye appointment I have ever had. But with Ryan for the first time ever having coverage from being hired as a full-term teacher we were all covered. If not I never would have been able to afford new glasses. Anyway, after a long while the eye doctor came to the conclusion that my glasses were wayyyy too strong for me. I have had this prescription probably since I was in grade 10 right before I got my drivers license. Having the wrong prescription can cause nausea, stomach aches, off balance, bad coronation - as I like to call clumsiness, headaches. and fatigue!! For a longggg time that was me lol.

Not only that I was told I have astigmatism. In all my many years of having eye appointments no doctor has ever told me that. So, with my next pair of glasses I guess there is something they do to the make of the lenses. I don't know all the technical terms.

In conclusion, my eyes went from a 4.50 in my left eye to a 3.50 and my other eye went from a 3.75 to a 2.75!!! Approx. My eyes dropped a whole point!!! Plus, now that I will be wearing the proper strength I will for the first time ever have glasses made specifically for astigmatism. I am sooo excited!! The current glasses I have worn for ages I found I was still squinting and not seeing things quite right, I just assumed I needed stronger glasses. I am glad to say I was wrong. Woohoo!!!

I am doing the buy one get one pair free deal. I like the reassurance of having a second pair in case something happens to the one. And I am also getting contacts. I haven't had contacts since 2002 in university, but with moving I am going to be blessed with extremely hot tempeatures in summer compared to the very mild temperatures here on the east. I hate when I am hot and my glasses are falling off my face. Plus, with a new baby I don't want him/her grabbing up taking them off of my face.


Astigmatism is a vision condition that occurs when the front surface of your eye, the cornea, is slightly irregular in shape. (rugby ball shaped instead of football shaped) This irregular shape prevents light from focusing properly on the back of your eye, the retina. As a result, your vision may be blurred at all distances

People with severe astigmatism will usually have blurred or distorted vision, while those with mild astigmatism may experience headaches, eye strain, fatigue or blurred vision at certain distances.


Andrea said...

Well, I'm glad you were finally able to get an eye check-up! They are expensive...and glasses are even more expensive!!

connie said...

Glad to hear you were able to get an eye exam & found out about the astigmatism. I'm sure you'll notice results immmediately after getting your new glasses :)

I didn't know you guys were moving again? Did I miss something, lol?

~Billie~ said...

Uhg! Glad you were able to find out that you needed different lenses! Hopefully you'll notice a difference... a pleasant one!

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