The 7 Days of Valentine's


With Valentine's Day right around the corner I thought I would do something new this year.

For those who don't know me, I love Valentine's Day. I reallly realllly do - a LOT. I know it is only one day of the year and yes, I do find cards expensive for any occasion. I mean, almost 6-8$ average for a card....yikes.

My thighs can't handle the chocolate, and our bank account can't handle a bunch of lavish gifts.

BUT I am here to say there are soooo many ways to not spend a cent and still make your loved one feel even a little extra special on the one day of the year to celebrate love and why does it have to be just one day???

For anyone interested, I have made a list of a little something you can do each day of the week leading up to Valentine's Day. I challenge you to try something new this year. Use this list exactly if you wish, or re-vamp it to suit your individual preferences. Enjoy!

Day One (Feb. 8/09):
Scrape the ice off the car windows before you hubby leaves for work. Start the car and let it warm up. Even hide a little love note in the car viser.

Day Two (Feb. 9/09):
Enjoy a games night together. Turn on some music, put the kids to bed and enjoy a game of whatever is you favorite. (for Ryan and I it is usually, backgammon, dutch blitz, skipbo - bring back those old memories)

Day Three (Feb. 10/09):
Let your loved one sleep in, when he wakes have a little special breakfast in bed. Even if it is nothing fancy like toast, fruit and orange juice in bed.

Day Four (Feb. 11/09):
Have a warm bath drawn with scented oils and even some lit candles. I don't know if it is just Ryan but he loves his baths hehe! Foot and back rubs are great as well.

Day Five (Feb. 12/09):
Cook his favorite supper meal. Dinner/clean-up the whole shebang.

Day Six (Feb. 13/09):
Take your kids over to a relatives. I am sure if they are anything like mine they don't charge lol. An evening even spent just the two of you together. You all can improvise after that :)

Day Seven (Feb 14/09):
This is one of my favorite things and I thought I would save the best for last. I know Ryan also really appreciates it. Instead of going out and buying an expensive card, sit down with your kids and get them to make their very own card (yes, even if it is just scribbles). Perhaps even a craft with whatever supplies you have at home. Scissors and paper can do wonders. Those gifts are straight from the heart and free and soooo appreciated. Check out this site for some craft ideas. Your lil ones will love getting involved.

Try the 7 Day Valentine's Day challenge!

Here is my Valentine's post from 2007


Summer said...

those are great ideas!!!!

Thanks for the award!!!

~Billie~ said...

Great ideas! We plan on making cards for 'daddy' tomorrow. =)

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