Toddler Food?


Jacob has never had a huge appetite and he definitely isn't picky about what he eats. Usually whatever I make he will have a few bites.

Almost every morning we have oatmeal or cream of wheat with toast. He might have a bite or two of each but never finish the ammt. I give him.

For lunch, it is quite often a sandwich, dill pickle and a yogurt. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. With Ryan at work during the days it doesn't make sense to make a big meal just for Jacob and I .

For supper I usually always rotate between rice or potatoes and vegetable. He LOVES corn, cream corn and carrots. Though, same as before he will have a few bites. He almost always has a glass of milk for breakfast, juice at lunch and I like him to have water between meals and for supper. Plus the dentist also encouraged to her younger patients to drink water more often through the day to help rinse off any food particles left on the teeth during the day.

Other than that he does like to have the occasional granola bar, yogurt or
dill pickle between meals. But nothing gigantic. I know he is never left hungry, and he is well fed, but I just wonder why he has a few bites of whatever it is and then he's all finished. I have heard it is common but I decided to give Jacob a one a day children's chewable multivitamin.

It gives me the assurance that he is getting his daily recommended nutrients. They taste good, and he always has one every morning before breakfast. It has only been within the last few months that I have started this.

Are there any foods that your kids eat a lot of? Favorites? I really need some ideas. I just am not convinced that one dill pickle and a few bites of mashed potatoes in a day is nearly the amount of vegetables needed.


Lori said...

Blake is not a big fruit and veggie eater.. he loves his meats! He too takes a multi-vitamin just for that reason.

Melissa said...

Sounds like my 2 year old!! She only eats a few bites too at every meal. pediatrician said it was normal, but it still drives me crazy. She loves pasta with butter and parm cheese the best. Good luck!!

lindsay said...

My son is not big on veggies either so I give him Bolthouse brand green drink. It is at the grocery with all the fruits and veggies and is full of everything...broccoli, spinich even algae! And the best part is it tastes sooo good! I mix his with half water! Hope that helps!

Wendy said...

I will be of no help since Lani doesn't eat any vegetables...not even a nibble! She is a fruit girl though:) Wesley was always super picky, but he grew out of that once he went to school and realized he had to eat what was served or he would be hungry. Last night he even ate some tilapia fish:)

Anonymous said...

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