A&W Mugs


Ryan loveeees his root beer. So last Christmas my sister Caitlin bought Ryan a massive A&W cup. But they also had little miniature ones. I decided to put one in Jacob's stocking to surprise Ryan and Jacob. Jacob was ecstatic when he saw a tiny version of Daddy's cup....and so was Ryan hehe.

We almost never have pop in the house but I know Ryan likes it and I don't drink it, and Jacob rarely ever has any. But Ryan thought it would be neat if they could do "cheers" together. Almost every meal time Jacob raises his glass and says cheers. He loves it. Clanking the glasses together. Though I don't know if he really knows the meaning because when its not his cup he's going "cheers" to, its his fork he wants to clank or his roll against my roll etc.

One evening we were doing dishes and Ryan already has several regular size A&W glasses and Jacob points to it and says "dats mommy's cup" I just started laughing because I felt like we were the three bears or something. Daddy with his large cup me with the medium cup and Jacob with his tiny cup. I suppose this picture was more fitting for a Wordless Wednesday but I just thought I would post my random thoughts today :D

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Danielle said...

That is so sweet. I don't drink soda...but every now and again it is a nice treat. Adorable mugs- i was thinking goldilocks before i read it!

Lori said...

that is so cute! love the 3 bears reference

SarahHub said...

That is so cute! I've been trying to teach Evie "cheers" lately. Maybe I'll have to try it with soda and see if she takes to it!

Andrea said...

That is SOOOO adorable! and what a fun idea to stuff in Jacob's stocking! :)

Summer Engh said...

Hey Shanilie,

That is so great that you are PREGNANT!!!! COngrats!!!!!

Summer Engh said...

I just read Jacob's messages about what the baby is doing!! THAT IS SO ADORABLE!!!!

~Billie~ said...

Aww! He got his own little mug. Too cute. That's a great photo!

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