Jacob's Comments


"Baby's swimming in there" - He has seen pics of fetus' and figures the baby spends most of his/her day swimming.

"Baby's sleeping in the dark" - from all the pictures he has seen of ultrasounds and fetus pictures he has come to the conclusion that the baby is in a very dark place.

"Baby gets bigger and bigger and come out" - he will start with his head and move his arms down his body showing how the baby develops. He will come up with these long drawn out detailed 'visual displays' of how the baby is going to come out. I don't know how he figures a baby can conceive from the head like a piece of food but lol he points to my belly button and figures the baby will come out there.

"Baby's making mommy tired and sick" - yes, it is true. Jacob has seen me wretch and throw up on occasion. Sometimes unavoidable, but it happens. He gets very concerned but I just tell him I wasn't feeling well. But I think he has put two and two together hearing everyone talk about morning sickness.

"Family hug - Mommy, Daddy, Jacob and Baby!" - we have been trying to use the word 'family' more and i'm certain he knows the meaning. He will just jump in bed with Ryan I and we will all have a big family hug once he announces we should.

"Baby's hungry" - Jacob will constantly be getting me snacks around the house to eat thinking that my food is going straight to the baby hehe.

"Baby drink from mommy's boobie" - he has seen babies being breast fed occasionally and knows where our lil one is going to be fed from when he/she comes out.

"Baby's kicking" - his hands are over my belly alllll the time. Even before the baby started kicking he just loved putting his hands all over my growing belly. Now he comes over and places his hand on my belling and doesn't feel a kick. He says baby wake up.

I want Jacob to be a part of this pregnancy 100%. I want it to be a positive and exciting experience for him. Our lil one is coming soon enough and will be making many changes around here for everyone, so he might as well get used to the idea.

He looks through all my baby books with me, watches TLC baby stories with me, goes to the doctor with me. And he even felt the baby kick just yesterday. He knows he is going to have a little brother or little sister. He has been going to pre-school the last 2 years and with playing with other 'boys and girls' who have siblings closer together he is starting to understand what that means.

Ryan really wants a little girl and I keep thinking we are going to have another lil boy running around. Jacob hears us discussing it and he always says sister. I guess at his age he can't imagine another lil boy around because he is the boy. So we try to keep our futile guesses to a minimum. As for finding out I have no idea if I will this time around. I would like to, but on the other hand I really don't feel one way or the other about it. I just want a healthy little baby.

I tell Jacob often he's going to be a big brother and that he used to be in my belly when he was little. He goes on to explain how big he got and that's why he came out :)


Danielle said...

awe! That is so sweet!

connie said...

How very sweet! Toddlers are much more intelligent than we give them credit for sometimes :)

That's great that you are trying to let Jacob be involved as much as he can. That way, he already feels close to the baby. Just a suggestion as to something you can do, that we did for Justin when Kendall was born. Go out & buy a small gift, & it doesn't have to be an expensive, big gift, for Jacob from the baby & when he comes to the hospital to see his brother/sister, give it to him & tell him it's from him/her. We just got a 5-pack Matchbox car set for Justin & he was thrilled :)

It's so exciting to go thru this pregnancy w/you :) You should start posting baby belly shots~do it once a week & post it~it's a great way for you to look back & remember also :)

Take care Shanilie.

Lori said...

awwww how cute is that! what a great way to get him involved before hand

Andrea said...

awww! That's adorable! I love his comments...and the fact that you are including him so much is obviously a good thing!!

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