Hard Night


Update to post:

I just got back from dropping Jacob off to pre-school. I would have rather he stayed home with me (which is how I usually feel) so quiet here without him. But he did seem completely fine and when he saw me take the yogurt tubes out of the fridge that he knew we bought for pre-school he was VERY excited to be the one bringing them. I guess it was just a 24 hr bug.

Last night was unexpected. The last few days Jacob has had a little runny nose but nothing more. Then last night as he got out from his evening bath he started crying that his throat hurt. With no pain killers for kids left and stores closed, all we could do was put some vicks vapo rub on his chest - which he loves, and a throat drop for sore throats. He was soothed a bit and kept down plenty of liquids and by the time he was cozy in his own bed he fell right to sleep....for about an hour. Then he woke up with vomit all through his hair, clothes, and bed. I have NEVER seen him throw up like that. In the almost four years of his entire life he has never had more than a stuffy nose for a day or so. Just usually completely healthy - like his dad lol.

We went and made up his bed and put the dirty things in the washing machine. He just wanted us to be with him, and I wanted to be with him too. So, successfully for the first time ever Jacob slept through the night with us in our bed. He loved it and went straight to sleep till morning. I brought in a towel for him to lay on and a bucket just in case he felt the urge to throw up again. But this morning he woke up good as new. Rested, happy and telling us he was all better. I however, didn't get any sleep but I am sure I will be able to make it till after lunch till nap when Jacob goes down for his nap. I have to do snacks for pre-school today and go in because Tuesday's are Jacob's usual pre-school day. I know he will be devastated if he doesn't go but if there are any germs lurking I don't want to expose the rest of the children......hmmm. What to do.....I hope that he continues to feel better and I am also going to get some children's Tylenol just in case. I like the reassurance that there is some available when he has a fever like he did last night. I hope after this we can spend more days in mommy's and daddy's big bed as a family. I loved it.


Lori said...

hope he feels better and soon!

Pierrette said...

hope he feels better soon, our little guy is improving unfortunately his dad is now getting sick. I know here in Toronto there is a bad stomach bug going around that all the kids are getting.

Maureen said...

I'm glad he's feeling better. There must be something going around, I know a LOT of people who've been sick this last week.

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