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I was recently visiting a blogger friends blog who is constantly handing out great give aways! Check out Andrea's blog at The Laughs Will Go On!

Gorno Couture has generously offered to give one winner a minky pillowcase of their choice! The winner of the give away can pick any color of fabric that is available at Gorno Couture. How amazing is that!
Why not enter. It's fun and you might even win it!

My favorite has got to be the ultra super soft sunshine yello minky pillow case. I love yellows!


Andrea is hosting another give away from Sweet Pea Baby Supplies.
WIN IT! Sweet Pea Baby Supplies has generously offered to give away 2 large bottles with a cover and 2 small bottles with a cover. The winner will be able to choose the colors. So that means FOUR glass bottles! What a great start for someone who'd like to try glass bottles with their child!

I am COMPLETELY sold on using glass bottles this time around. With Peapod glass bottles there is no risk at all of your baby receiving any harmful chemicals. Glass bottles do not emit any by-products, and can be easily sterilized. They will also last much longer than any plastic bottle would! My old plastic bottles got bent and eventually the nipple screw cover would pop off and make a mess with milk everywhere :S with glass there would be no warping in shape like plastic ones.

I still have to say that the yellow is my favorite. It is so bright and cheerful and would be perfect for either a boy or a girl!

Check out the contest entry details here:


Andrea said...

Thanks for blogging about these!!

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