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Stacy at Glimpse is having another wonderful giveaway. It is for a sling pouch baby carrier.

Sling Sisters offered to make a custom pouch sling for one lucky reader!

Lori and Sandra will help you measure for the correct fit, and then sew a custom sized sling, just for you! This would be soooo great for me because I am not as tiny as I was when I had Jacob lol.

For more details click here :


Okay, I have to warn you that my camera hasn't been working the best as of late. The pictures seem to be coming out darker and grainier. I don't know what could be causing this. But it's terrible not having a camera to take nice crisp clear pictures. I love blogs full of pictures and here I am hardly uploading any. I have got to remedy this soon....or at least before the baby arrives. Or else Jacob is going to have a zillion baby pictures and the new lil one will hardly have any lol.

Jacob showing his hand made PJ's from Grammie G. Every year she makes Jacob the most beautiful PJ's. I find we can never have enough PJ's around.

He loves playing in his Car's tent. He will bring in all of his blankets and pillows he can find. We read him books all through the day and always one at bedtime and he has made it clear that books are to be read in the tent. So at bed time all three of us will squeeze in while we read. hehe

He has every Geo trax available with the remote control train. But this year he wanted the Geo air system. It connects with the trains and even the airplane has a remote to go around. He never usually asks for anything, but he was watching TV one day and saw a commercial of this and runs up to the TV and points. "that's mine?" So we knew that was what we were getting him for Christmas.


He was all smiles Christmas morning.


~Billie~ said...

Great photos! I love the PJs. Totally cool... and one of a kind!

Shanilie said...

Hi billie! thx for stopping by my blog

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