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Since having Jacob I can't remember sitting down with a good book. Things sure change when you start a family. At the end of my day when Jacob is sleeping peacefully in bed my time is spent with Ryan. Many evenings he is sitting beside me while I blog or do other things online while he prepares for his classes for the next school day. Afterwards we cuddle up in bed and im just too tired to read. Though it is something I enjoy - things change once you have a family. I am definitely not complaining, I am clarifying that as you become a family children change things a LOT!

I have recently been reading a book by Elisabeth K. Corocan. Called Calm In My Chaos: encouragement for a moms soul. There are so many stories that I can completely relate to. Ryan's mom got me that book for Christmas and I have just been devouring it. It may be 'written by a woman for women' but Ryan and I have been reading aloud to each other. There are a lot of topics that are relevant to both of us. Here is a verse that stuck out to me while reading.

"Blessed is the woman who perseveres under trial, because when she has stood the test, she will recieve the crown of life that God has promised to those that love Him." James 1:12

Another book I just love is "Oh the Places You'll Go!" By: Dr.Suess
If you haven't read it I suggest you definitely should. I can't get over how a book so goofy and silly could have so many serious aspects in it. To read it click here.

Lastly, Jacob has been getting into the DVD version of Adventures in Odyssey. He LOVES it! We are planning a 4 day drive trip in summer and I think this would help to keep him interested during the drive. Even at home he can just sit and listen intently. No image, no computer game. Just a narrated story to listen to.


Corinne said...

"Oh the Places You'll Go" is one of my all time favorite books :) Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'll be sure to follow yours :)

Shanilie said...

Thanks Corinne for stopping bye. My blog is a bit of a mess atm. I'm off playing around with the settings again lol

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I love the blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

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