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Yesterday I felt like making a new blog. I don't know why I always feel the need to. After I finish a new layout I always think - "there that's my most favorite of them all." So if it really was one I liked so much, then how come I change it.....I don't know lol I guess creativity sparks. I have to admit though this time around it wasn't planned. lol I was playing around with my old one and messed something up. It was awful, and the more I tried to fix it the worse it go. So, in the end I just ended up choosing a new template.

I am currently working on a new blog header to fit this new space. I guess I could just make my old one with the margins to fit. But I have been wanting something a little more 'baby' oriented with the new lil one on the way.

When I was pregnant with Jacob I kept calling him it. lol I know it sounds awful. I didn't know if I was having a girl or a boy so Ryan and I decided to find out what we were having. Then we started calling the baby 'him'. Soon after we knew what his name was going to be then EVERYONE found out lol and we all were calling the baby Jacob before he was born.

This time around I don't want to know what I am having. Though I may change my mind next week but, I just wanted to say if you have noticed me saying 'lil one' a lot it is because I think that sounds a little better than 'it' hehe.

I know some who have called their babies 'he or she', I have also heard people refer to their babies as a peanut. My dorm college friend called her baby a peanut because it looked like that shape and didn't like referring to her baby as it. My sister in law also called her baby a peanut. Are there any other terms that some of you my blog readers called your baby? Or did you know what you were having ahead of time and just go with he or she?

I'm just currious because I don't want to be calling my baby it again.

So just bare with me while I get my blog all figured out again. Perhaps I will make a few differnet headers and ask what my readers' favorite is.


Lori said...

hope you figure out the layout that works for you

connie said...

I know whatever you come up w/will be great~you've really become talented w/this html "stuff" :)

We found out w/all 3 of our pregnancies~we just couldn't stand not knowing plus it makes it easier to decorate the nursery & you know what to buy :) But I admire anyone that can wait & be surprised :)

We called all 3 of ours a couple of names: Angel & Buddy.

Have fun figuring out your template & hope you come up w/something you're happy with :)

Shanilie said...

Aww thank you Connie :) and also for sharing! I am glad to know you found out with all three....I am really thinking I might just blurt out and ask the question the day of the ultrasound. Now it depends how it goes on that day lol. I think I remember you referring to your lil ones as angel. I love it!

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