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I am contemplating......decisions decisions. I am terrible at making them. So I bring my question to you my blog readers.

Here's the long story. In January 2007 I had two blogs. My main one that I write on here almost daily, and a separate one for Jacob. Then I was without internet for a while, and we switched with a new internet company from Aliant to north nova. Mostly because we live in the middle of nowhere and that was the only company at the time that offered high speed internet.

When we switched we lost our Aliant simpatico email address and I completely forgot what Jacob's account sign - in info was. lol. So I pulled out some old files and figured out what the old exact email addy was. But since we switched - the account was deactivated. So even if I asked blogger to send me a new password it would have been sent to that email address and I wouldn't have had any way of getting it. I was almost ready to panic till I started just randomly typing various passwords both Ryan and I had used in the past. lol and after MANY attempts I finally got it!!!! I hadn't logged into that account in almost 2 years! The reason I was so eager to log in was because Drea told me there was a way to import old blogger accounts into one. I couldn't believe it! Thanks again Drea!

The question that remains is, should I import Jacob's old blog into my current main blog? Or should I continue on with a separate blog for Jacob? With the new lil one on the way I was thinking I would then have to make a third blog for him/her, then decided not to. But rather keep Jacob's blog and make it for the both of them - it would be "the kiddos" or "my boys" - if I have another boy lol. Or something like that.

Please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate all the feedback I get.

Click here if you would like to view Jacob's old blog.

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Andrea said...

Hmmm...I like the idea of having a blog for your two kids...but if you importated it into one how would that exactly work? Would it all just be on the same blog as this one?

Lori said...

I think it would be hard to keep up with 3 blogs.. so I say either put it all in one blog or transform Jacob's into one for both kiddos

Melissa said...

Well, you could have the one blog for the two kids or just have one blog period. I love to talk about both of my kids on my blog and then I can easily pull up everything about one or the other by searching the labels. At the end of the year I print out everything for for each kid to keep in a book!

Shanilie said...

Andrea: The way it would work is I would import it to my current account anyway. But if I wanted to keep it separate I would have to create a new blog within this account and import the old account. I don't know if that makes sense. but if I didn't create another blog within this account then it would all be imported on this site under the corresponding dates. Maybe I will give it a try for the time being and if it does become a bother or too much work then I can always import it again with this blog.

Stacey said...

I think it would be a lot of work to keep up with even two blogs. My personal blog suffers because of Glimpse a lot of the time, and with a new baby, it's even harder!

Drea said...

Since ive been there and ran 3 blogs, plus simple and m yphotography... trust me its easier just doing 1! :-) im so glad everythings together now.

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