The ULTIMATE Baby List


When I found out I was pregnant with Jacob almost four years ago, I was teaching full-time grade 9 at a private school. During that time Ryan was still going to university. It was a COMPLETE surprise! But putting your husband through school all the while working pretty much 7 days/week while I was pregnant right up until I gave birth to him was......exhausting......and EXPENSIVE!

When 99% of your money is going towards schooling and yes, student loans :S things were tight. I thought there was no way we would ever be able to afford the cost of having a child. But we did it. Somehow, and looking back I can't imagine Jacob not being in our lives. It was completely God's timing. So much for 'my plan' lol

Anyway, needless to say with receiving TONS of hand me down bags. I mean several large black garbage bags filled with very decent 'newish' looking previously used clothes. We also got an old crib, play pen, car seat, baby swing. All from friends and family who were no longer having babies :) Jacob was never lacking and I can honestly say I never bought a thing.

After having showers one through church, school and family baby things were oozing out the ying yang. Ryan and I did buy a cute lil white sleeper that we got from the bargain shop for $6.00 the day I found out I was pregnant.

BUT - it has been almost four years now......and I got rid of everything. Most things went to other family member who were having babies and/or salvation army shops. Yup - nothing lol.

*My family wants to have a baby shower for me before spring. That is coming right up. I have had several people asking me what I need. I always say - "everything". So they said I should make up a list that way people can get something off the list without everyone getting the same thing.

So I need you help! I don't even know where to begin to start making a list. That is where I need you my wonderful blogger friends!

Think of anything and everything. Down to the very basics, traditional items your moms used, to the modern name brand products that you enjoyed.

If you've ever heard of anything, used anything or saw friends and family with something I want to hear a about it. You can suggest one item or hundreds!

I would appreciate it soooooo much! I have seen on friends blogs where they post about their favorite baby items so, please let me know what they are or even paste a site url of something. And if you've commented already and think of something else lol please come back and if you find the comment too long, click on my 'contact me' link at the top left and email me some ideas :)))

There are two things I am going to attempt this time around. They are cloth diapers and a baby carrier. Yes, I have never done any lengthy amount of baby wearing I admit it hehe. I had a snuggli that was given to me - just like new and still in the box hehe lets just say it hung so low it was awful and I never tried again lol. It went right back to where it had been. Back in the box lol. I figure with having my second child a carrier would help free my hands while I am running about with Jacob.

I was looking at Drea's blog: A Peek In Our Bowl at her baby wearing labels here and there are sooooo many.

What are your favorites?

Are there any types you find you use more than others?

And I have seen sights where they teach you how to make wraps yourselves. I can't remember whose blog it was where I saw that, but if any can think of a site where I can look that would be great too, and possibly inexpensive when it is just the fabric needed.

I know i'm asking for a lot of information. But, through blogging I have seen several products and I thought wow that would be so helpful. Seems to be so many products that have come out recently to make mom's lives just a little easier. Or maybe they aren't so recent I just didn't hear of any of them till I started meeting other blogger moms. lol

Once I have finished compiling my list. I will post my complete list on my blog. Pictures, websites, references. Every last detail. And link it to a printer friendly version. That way any mom looking for the list of all lists for baby needs down to the last detail you can come check it out here! Useful for first time moms and me who is expecting baby number 2 and still feel like an amateur.

And if I ever visit a blog whose product iv seen that I love I will ask permission first before linking their post to my blog. Yikes long post!

Participation is definitely requested and soooo much appreciated! Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get started. I already have tons written on scraps of paper and url sites saved in Word.

With the help of my blogger viewers combined with online research as well as some of my handy pregnancy books I should be able to make a list so detailed no mom will ever have to wonder again!


Lori said...

a few of my must have items: a good bouncy chair, my fisher price space saver high chair, a jumparoo, sleepers (the kind with the elastic bottom for when they are itty bitty... makes life easier when you change them in the middle of the night), lots of face cloths (I don't use wipes on my boys just a wet face cloth... money saving and it's better for their skin), a good monitor

there's lots of others but that's what comes to mind first

Shanilie said...

*smiles Thanks sooo much Lori! That is a good idea about not using wipes. I have seen some home made 'natural' soaps used combined with durable paper towel for making home made wipes that I had completely forgot about. yeaee Now I'm off to have a look :)

Stam House said...

To start with LOVE the new layout!!!!

Secondly I have a cloth diapering kit to sell If your interested or people who give you the showers will buy for you (it's 24 prefolded cloth diapers, covers, bio liners, fleece insert and might trough more suff in all of this for 50 $ plus shipping cause they have been use)

With cloth diaper you would need a diaper pail, diapers bag.

carrier: if you and hubby both will do the wearing I would suggest the Ergo carrier they have infant insert for this carrier and it's so versatile!!!

sleepers are nice ans summer clothes, hats, baby towels, soap and shampoo are a must.

a nice rocking chair for you would be a blessing.

nursing pillow if planning to nurse

I\ll will be back with more idea i>m sure

Stam House said...

Oh for cloth diapers laundry soap free for dye, and additive I use Tide free but I'm hoping to make my own soon here is the link

for toys babies love music and light

We co-sleep and a baby basket (Moise type one are ideal to have close to you bed or in it!)

a play pen or crib when baby is older.

changing table is always nice!but not a necessity

if you plan to nurse, nursing bra and pads (cloth one are great!)

mama's pads for you (you could go cloth on those too

this link is the postpartum package and have cloth pad and nursing pads.
will be back if I think of anything else

SarahHub said...

First, let me tell you that you don't need much to take care of a little one! Beware buying too much "stuff." I bought EVERYTHING with Evie and ended up wasting a lot of money in the process. Next time I'll be much more choosy about what I purchase!

That said, there are a few things I think will make life easier for you:

Nursing cover, for when you're out or when you have visitors in your home. I loved my Baby au Lait!

A good diaper bag and a diapees & wipees bag. I love being able to throw the diapees & wipees bag into my purse when we are just making a short trip.

I didn't really know about baby wearing when I had Evie, but I think a good sling is essential.

I don't know if you plan to co-sleep, but a co-sleeper bassinet is wonderful if you can afford it.

I would have a couple of bottles on hand, and due to all the "plastic" stuff coming out, I would buy glass bottles.

We swaddled Evie when she was an infant, and regular blankets worked just fine. However, we found SwaddleMe blankets, and they were such a help during middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes!

A nursing chair and nursing pillow are also good to have. My Boppy was my best friend for almost two years!

I'll let you know as I think of other things, but don't get too bogged down in buying! Your baby really just needs a place to sleep, food to eat, a blanket or two and lots of love!

Shanilie said...

Woohoo thank You both soooo much! So many great site references. I will definitely get back to you on the cloth diapers. The places I have looked at the diapers are 12+ per diaper. Seems like a lot of $ to get started. It is amazing after 4 years what a person forgets. Hard to remember when Jacob was that lil. lol

Thanks Sarah! What a great mix of sites! I admit my dream this time around is to have a bassinet. Jacob slept in a laundry basket in our room for the first while hehe. It worked great, I just put lots of blankets under and he slept great. And if he ever needed to be moved I could just carry the basket by the handles. Though a bassinet with wheels would be much easier. Thankfully with Jacob I didn't need to buy a thing and finances are still tight this time around so im hoping to still not spend a thing lol. The list started out to be a reference for family members wanting to know what to get and I turned it into this. A tool for moms and blogger moms. A list of things others found helpful during their journey. But you're definitely right lots of love and the basics are really all thats needed. Hopefully this list will assist all peoples types of budgets. The first thing my mom told me with Jacob was "don't buy anything" you never know what you're going to get at showers etc.

Thanks everyone - so pleased with all the helpful links and suggestions so far!!!

Stacey said...

Here are my must haves:

Baby Carrier:
I would suggest a ring sling or a stretchy wrap. Andrea from The Laughs Will Go On sells wraps, and I'm sure they are a decent price :) I would love to make you a ring sling if you would like one.

Cloth Diapers:
If you are looking to save a lot of money on diapers, I would go with the prefolded diapers that Renee offered you. Bummis sells these kits, and between the two sizes they sell, it would take you from birth to potty training for around $300-$350 if you bought them all new.

If you are looking to spend a little more money on diapers, I would buy a dozen XS Sandy's diapers from Mother-ease, as well as the Air Flow covers. Then also buy 2 dozen infant sized prefolds to go along with them. Then you would have some easy diapers, and some prefolds.

Sleep Sack:
For when your baby is out of the swaddling stage. These were a life saver for us! It's hard to find good ones locally, that are warm enough for winter. I suggest these:

A long dresser instead of a change table. We bought an inexpensive low, long dresser because our nursery is very small. You just put a change pad on the top, and you've got a change table.

Cloth nursing pads if you are going to nurse your baby. Bamboo is a great fabric for those. The place that I bought mine doesn't make them anymore, so I don't have any suggestions.

Cloth pads for you for post partum. This may seem like a big investment to start, but you won't regret it! I PROMISE you will love them. It's so much better than disposable pads. Here is my favorite so far:
She makes the best post partum pads ever. The Ultimate and Ultimate II pads rock ;)

A good car seat. If you are going to get a used one (and that is really highly NOT recommended) make sure that is hasn't expired. If you are planning on baby wearing, you could buy one convertible seat that should last you from birth to 65 pounds with a 5-point harness. Here is what I would get:

OK, so this comment is getting super long! I might come back later with more ideas.

Summer said...

Hey there Shanile,

Some things that i can think of:

nursing pads
baby shampoo,soap,lotion, etc
bouncy chair

Thats all i can of think of for now

Ute said...

Hi Shanilie,

talking about baby carriers. It was my survival, never would have managed the twins without them. I just need to do some research to explain to you in english, which one we preferred at which age.

I guess that the baby things available in Germany are different from the ones in Canada, but I will see, what I can find.


Andrea said...

Definitely a baby carrier!! I noticed you're already planning to get one. My ALL TIME favorite for a newborn or infant (or even for Emily now at 7 1/2 months) is the wrap. I noticed Stacey mentioned it too, but I make and sell them...they're $45 each (plus shipping I guess). Normally they are anywhere from $60-80 from what I've seen in stores. :)

A bumbo seat...with a tray!! This was such a help with a second baby. We got a used one for a cheaper price though...because they are SO much money!

High chair!

Soothers. :) I loooove soothers!

Robeez Slippers - they are SOOO perfect for keeping their toesies warm in winter!

And that's where I'll end for now...Emily just woke up! Perhaps I'll come back and add some more to my list later. :) I can't wait to read your full list though!

Pierrette said...

here is a list of the few items we absolutely loved:
Sophie the giraffe
Gnon (Sophie's friend)
Sleep sack
Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup
Glass baby bottles (if you are going to bottle feed)
My breast friend nursing pillow if you are going to nurse
Natursutten Natural Rubber Orthodontic Pacifier
Bamboo baby spoon
heart 2 heart ring sling
mei tai style carrier
stroller - bugaboo chameleon
Cloth diapers - Bummis bum genious
Angel brush - my first toothbrush
Boob clothing if you plan to nurse
Muslin wraps
wood rattles and toys

Carrie said...

If you'll be nursing, I would definitely invest in a Boppy pillow and a good Medela electric pump- double if you think you'll be pumping a lot.

Also, as far as baby carriers, I just ordered a patapum & love it, but you can't really use that until 6 mos. old, I would probably use a ring sling or a wrap for a newborn. There is a LOT of great information at especially in the forums- I know there's a forum discussion about making your own wraps on there & lots of links & videos, etc. :)

Maureen said...

On the baby carriers, there are tons! I'm in the midst of doing a comparison of several for my blog, but it will be a while until that is done - probably too late for you... I must say that the Moby saved my sanity in the first few weeks. Now that munchkin is 3 1/2 months, I find the Moby droops too much for her though. Still, for those first weeks, it let her stay in a froggy position. Also, because it's stretchy, it's the closest thing to being in the womb. I never used pacifiers with my others, but this one is a pacifier and thumb sucking junkie, Soothies pacifiers are the best, their holders are really cute too. The new stroller blankets are very nice. We've used the bouncy seat a lot... Robeez shoes have been a necessity for the cold winter. I love my mondo-sized diaper bag from ebags. Other than that, the basics...

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