Baby Movements


For the last few weeks I have been feeling fluttering sensations. The movements are so slight I can never tell if it is baby or what. But Ryan had his hand on my belly on Monday and he said he could feel it. It has been getting stronger as of late, but still not too frequent. It has been feeling a lot more 'real' to me. I keep praying that they baby will be healthy and safe throughout this time.

I have read that babies can respond to sounds at this point. So I have been talking more to my belly. So has Ryan. It has been said even sudden loud sounds can make the baby jump. Ryan bent over to talk to the baby and it felt like the baby actually responded. Turned and jumped. It was such an amazing feeling.

Jacob continues to get involved and when Ryan leaves for work he will give us all each a kiss, and Jacob will make sure Ryan kisses my belly as well because he has to say bye to the baby too. hehe it is very cute.

More and more I am feeling so blessed by my little family of 3 soon to be 4. The term family just becomes so much more powerful and understandable, and along with my faith above everything else is what is important to me. When Jacob arrived I started to feel more like a family but I don't know if it is just me, but having Jacob involved and knowing he is going to be a big brother makes it feel even more like a family.

I got a call from the hospital earlier this week and my ultrasound date has been scheduled! It is for Jan. 29th :D I am really looking forward to it, but it also does give me some sense of hesitation. I am soooo excited to see this lil one even if it is just by comp. screen. But I will continue to pray for peace to not worry about all the 'what ifs'.


Lori said...

you can totally feel your excitement in this post! and how cute is Jacob!

Andrea said...

How exciting!! Isn't it the GREATEST when you can feel that baby move?

Shanilie said...

:) Jacob always keeps smiles on our faces, finding new ways to make us laugh. I can't wait till I start feeling more!

Carrie said...

Oh, how fun! I'm looking forward to being pregnant again- and I can't wait to feel the baby move again- my favorite sensation!!! :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog- I'm enjoying reading yours, too! :)

connie said...

How exciting! That's sweet that Jacob's so involved :) Are you going to find out the gender @ your ultrasound?

Oh, also, I'll try to make a list of baby items & post them in a comment soon :)

Melissa said...

Thats the best part of being pregnant- feeling your little one move!!!

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