2nd Christmas Concert


Jacob is in the front very middle in dress pants and a white collar shirt.

Shortly before Christmas Jacob had his second pre-school Christmas concert. I can't believe how fast its all going! It seems like yesterday that he started going. I first took him one day a week to have a fun time with the children from the community. It was just a half day and was home for lunch and in time for his afternoon nap. Then this year he went two half days/week. He loves it.

I have to withhold telling him it is a pre-school morning till it is time to get him dressed after breakfast or else he wouldn't take the time to eat because he was so excited.

The children sang many Christmas songs which Jacob san
g at home with me quite often to learn. By the time of the concert he had a touch of the flu and was completley exhausted by that evening and ready for bed. With his nose constantly running and sneezing he looked very tired. But he did sing along and do the actions to the songs.

This month at pre-school he has been learning the days of the week and the months of the year. Last year they worked mostly on colors and lett

Here is a link to his very
first pre-school graduation. It is hard to believe he was 2. And it was at a time I actually had a camera that worked lol. It is awful how my pictures have been as of late. I know I keep saying that but, I took tons of pictures from his pre-school grad but these 2 are really the only ones visible enough where you can see Jacob. I am going to get on this before the baby arrives! Perhaps I will check e-bay for a decent used camera?

Oh also, I put up a poll on the right side of my sidebar under my profile. It is whether you think the little one will be a girl or a boy. I have no pulling preference at all. Jacob has mentioned having a sister, and Ryan has talked about having one of each but I still think another lil boy would be great too. Happy and healthy is my desire but please....vote away! I will keep the poll up until the end of June and then we will see!

Also - 3 more days till the ultra sound. Getting excited to see our baby. I don't know if I can get a picture taken. Around here not all hospitals do that. Though I reallllllyyyyy want one lol especially since I didn't get one with Jacob.


Pierrette said...

No picture I would have been so disappointed we got 2 pictures of Christophe one for us and one for my parents.

Shanilie said...

Yes, I didn't get any with Jacob but that was a much smaller hospital. I will be going to the city this time around so im really really really hoping!

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