19 Weeks!


Yesterday I officially reached my 19th week of pregnancy. Can you believe it?!! Where is the time going? I am pretty much half way through and almost 5 months along!!! The baby has been kicking a little more the last little while. Still not very strong. Also, still retching and dealing with 'all day sickness' and the dreaded back pain. Yes it has come. It is only bad when I get up after laying down. But mostly I am feeling quite well and noticing all of these little changes.

The ultra sound is tomorrow and Ryan has taken that day off as a 'sick day' to come along with me and Jacob.

Also, if you haven't voted in my boy or girl poll please do so. It is pretty neck in neck.

I just joined twitter so please add yourself if you would like to follow with me.


connie said...

Wow, time is really flying!! Glad to hear that baby seems to be doing well & that you've been feeling more movement/kicks. I always enjoyed that when I was pregnant. Sorry to hear you've been sick so much though~that has to be tough. I've always heard if you're sick like that, it means that baby is really healthy.

How exciting that the ultrasound is tomorrow. You'll HAVE to let us know how it goes :)

I voted Mon. on your poll :)

Lastly, I wish I could say that I'd follow w/you but I just don't have the extra time needed to join twitter. I joined Facebook the last part of 08 because one of my IRL (in real life) friends joined to mainly post pics of her son for family & friends. I hardly ever get on there; just because I just don't have time. I know alot of blogger friends that twitter though & seem to enjoy it. Hope it's a good experience for you.

Take care & have a great day :)

Tina said...

I'm waiting to vote on your boy or girl poll until you post a pregnancy picture.

It's great the both Ryan and Jacob can come to the ultra sound with you.

Shanilie said...

Thanks for voting Connie! I will definitely give all the details on the ultrasound. :) I am glad Ryan is coming along too - as well as Jacob. I think he will find it very exciting to see his lil bro or sis. I am very new to twitter lol it's....interesting lol

Stam House said...

Wow 19 weeks!!! time sure fly by!

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on being 19 weeks! It's so exciting going for the ultrasound.

Andrea said...

I know...time goes by SO much faster the second time around!! But you still have 'all day sickness'. Ugh! I hope it doesn't last much longer!

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