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I have so many pictures backed up I don't even know where to begin. I guess since it is Christmas time I might as well just start with now lol. Ryan, Jacob and I put up our Christmas tree the last Sunday in November. We went outside to a tree u-cut farm and did things the 'traditional way' which is my favorite. In past years we have used fake trees or Charlie Brown trees. One year when we were living in a little apartment we only had a 2ft high tree. I figured it was about time to get a real nice tree :) and you really can't beat the smell of a fur tree. mmmmmm

Jacob enjoyed walking outside and looking at the trees. We ended up deciding on a short fat tree. It has a lot of character, and I love the thick wide trees.

Here is the final outcome............


Lori said...

the tree looks great. glad you had fun picking out the perfect tree for your family

thanks for stopping by my blog

SarahHub said...

What a beautiful tree! And a cute kiddo!

Danielle said...

Poppin over from Teacher Turned Mommy...your tree looks great!

connie said...

What a pretty tree & look how much Jacob has grown~so big & still a cutie!

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