First Dentist Appointment


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Counting His Teeth

On Oct. 2 Jacob had his very first dentist appointment. I figured, or so I thought anyway that most children start getting their teeth checked by the dentis at around three years of age which is what Jacob is. But the dentist told me they get some people as early as 6-9 months as soon as their children first start getting their teeth. So, in my mind I thought I was on time, but I guess potentially later than some.

It was the first year since we had Jacob that we have had dental coverage which is great, so we all as a family got our oral health examined. Thankfully no cavities for me. But Jacob did have one *sniff. But this day, his check up went great. He was so excited to sit in the big chair, and have the dentist clean and count his teath. He was a pro. He loved getting a tooth brush afterwards as well.

But they did find one cavity. It was on his top left back molar. I am convinced that it is because of Jacob getting a hold of our electric tooth brush. Not only is it fast moving and he was probably biting on it, the brush bristles were med/hard and not the soft like reccomended for childrens soft teeth.

I have been very obsessed with brushing his teeth morning and night. Nothing but water to drink after he brushes his teeth. He gets enough apple juice and milk through the day.

We did take him to a specialist on another day where they froze his cheek and filled his tooth. He was compltely fine other than wanting to eat right away lol. He had to wait till the freezing was worn off because children can bite their cheeks/lip up. So we gave him icecream which was allowed, but I swear he did have a swolen cheek for a few days. Overall, it was a good experience and I don't think he has any reason to fear the dentist in future visits.


connie said...

WOW, I haven't taken Kendall to the dentist yet either, & he's the same age as Jacob! I guess I need to get to that!

Glad the visit went well overall & hopefully he won't get any more cavities :)

Andrea said...

That's great that he did so well at the dentist!! :)

Lori said...

glad to hear he did well at the dentist (except the cavity part) our dentist said that he started seeing kids at 2.5/3 so we are waiting until then... hopefully Blake won't have a cavity too

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