Okay, I just recently came across this sight that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I know some may have already heard of it. But I had to mention it to my blog viewers because it is such an EASY and dramatic way to make sweet looking photos.

There are pages and pages full of patterns, textures and my favourite.... brushes. All you have to do is choose your favorite -- click download and hit save. I saved all mine into desktop. Once there I just extract it into a folder I made.

Here is an example of a picture that I doodled around with of a pic I just took of myself on cam.

It isn't the most professional. In fact, I intentionally used many different brushes all over the place to show that even where there is no rhyme or reason to your doodling it can still come out like a beautiful piece of art.

Here is another picture of my second youngest sister Caitlin. It is so simple yet so elegant. She was the one who told me about it. So there ya go! Enjoy. I hope you have as much fun as I have had on tweaking my pictures. I am currently still working on a header for my blog and incorporating some of these new brushes. So if you notice that my blog is changing from time to time - bear with me! I LOVE to go nuts with different designs.

Thanks Cait!!


Wendy said...

Neat! I have had photoshop forever, but I am just starting to understand it:) LOL! I am excited to try some of these brushes. Love what you did with Cait's picture. She is beautiful.

Andrea said...

How fun! I love finding ways to enhance pictures, etc!!

Shanilie said...

Hope you both have fun. Yes, she is gorgeous.

Cait said...

Actually my boyfriend did it for me. He is super at digital art (he competes). He made this as a gift for me for my graduation.

heiresschild said...

you both are beautiful. great photos Shanilie. they could be used in an art show for sure.

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