Quiet Day At Home


is out piling wood with my parents, Anne is at a volleyball tournament this weekend, Jacob is napping, the laundry is finished, the house looks great and Lucci and I are hanging out. This is just what the doctor ordered jk. I am really enjoying feeling ahead on things and being able to enjoy some relaxing, quiet time at home. Believe me....there are VERY few quiet times in this house. Then after about an hour of this, we both were itching to do something lol.

We don't have the car so we couldn't go anywhere and games and watching television are what we would normally do, but we wanted something different. So, I dug o
ut my old cross-stitching materials. I asked Lucci if she had ever made friendship bracelets before and she hadn't - so I went and gave her a lesson!

I made a million of these bracelets when I worked at camp over 1o years ago and hadn't made any since, so I kind of felt young again. We had a lot of fun bonding together just the two of us.
We made two different kinds.
One was a long twirly one and the second was a wider one with a bunch of stripes. If any of you are interested in making one I will gladly make a short video clip on how
to make one of these.

As you have probably noticed I have finally gotten around to changing my blog template a bit. I have been thinking of a festive theme for Christmas but other than the colors I am still not quite satisfied. I will continue to work on my blog header and hopefully choose one and stick with it for more than a day.


summer said...

Hi Shanilie,

Let me first to say that your blog looks great!!!!

Your post brings back memories to when i was a kid and i remember making them. They were so much fun!! I loved making them.

I think i will for those with Candace.

summer said...

oops. i meant to say " I think i will do those with Candace"

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, i'm laughing because i'm queen of the "change your blog decor." i'll probably be keeping the one i have up now until after thanksgiving, since it's very thanksgiving-ny (my own personal word) already.

it's amazing what you can find to do when you need to, isn't it? i remember the friendship bracelets also. i would even wear one around my ankle sometimes. *lol* my own personal style. i never made any; they were given to me. i'd like to see a video on how to do them; that would be a nice project for me to do with my 8-yr old granddaughter.

i just put up a new post about me relaxing this holiday weekend. glad you're ahead of the game. take care, and have a great and blessed weekend.

Andrea said...

hehe...love the new Christmasy blog!! And those bracelets...yes, I made a TON of those when I was younger too! I actually think I almost forget how to make them now...I haven't done it for so long! I'll have to get some bracelet making practice in one day! :)

Wendy said...

I love the new blog:) I HEART Christmas and this makes me all giddy!! My nieces are into making friendship bracelets now! I loved them when I was younger and it's fun making bracelets with them!

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