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My Dad and sister *click image for larger view*

Today on the eleventh month of the eleventh day on
the eleventh hour we went to an outdoor service. We do this every year, it is just one hour of our time to take time to remember those who served. Every year I feel so choked up and this year was no different. There were several families who have family over in Afghanistan currently who were crying very, very hard. Every time I hear The Last Post I feel awe and imagine how the surviving soldiers felt at the end of the war when that was being played.

My sister read In Flanders's Fields and my dad wore his uniform. There were many men and women in uniform and many veterans in wheelchairs.

It was cold, rainy, windy, and snowy but we still took our time to lay down the wreaths for remembered loved ones and even those we don't. We lay down a wreath for our great- grandfather who also served and when the service is over we put the wreath on his grave site. Afterwards we all took our poppies off and placed them over the wreaths.

I know we all can't make it to a service every year but take a moment if you haven't and watch this short video. We owe them our thanks.


connie said...

What a wonderful post Shanilie & I think it's very touching that you all pay tribute to our veterans & our military. Bobby has a nephew that's in Iraq right now & we pray for him daily & for his safe return. Hope you & your family had a good weekend.

P.S. I LOVE your new template & header~after seeing yours, I'm contemplating changing mine~just for the holidays ;)

Shanilie said...

Thanks Connie. Glad you like the template. I enjoy making changes on my blog SO much! I have helped many people with their blogs so if you ever want me to design one just for you let me know. It would be no trouble at all, and good practice and fun for me! Yes, it is amazing how many people from US and Canada that died during the war. We call it Remembrance Day over the long weekend, it is called Veteran's Day over there right?

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, yes, it's called Veteran's Day here in the states. this is a beautiful tribute. i don't personally know anyone over there, but i definitely pray for those who do and for those who are over there fighting.

i love, love, love your new blog template. very christmas-sy (there's my own word again, lol). i hope your offer extends to me also for helping to design a blog just for me. i'd love that.

i finally understood what you were telling me about the blog address link. i just did one and i'm going back now to link properly to andrea's blog for the contest. thanks for your help shanilie. did you get my email yesterday?

HeiressChild said...

i have absolutely no plans for thanksgiving this year (at least so far). as of now, i plan on cooking my nice thanksgiving dinner with all of the thanksgiving trimmings and watching a couple of movies and enjoying my dinner by myself. i usually go over my sister's house, but she's going out this year.

i'll send you an email this week regarding the blog design . thanks shanilie.

connie said...

Hi Shanilie :) Thank you for your offer about designing a template for me~that's so very sweet of you! How much do you charge to design one? Yes, the holiday is called Veteran's Day here.

Thanks again for your offer~I'll let you know ;)

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