I Love Christmas Music


Well, we have finally dug through our boxes of Christmas things from the basement. We were going to get started but decided to wait till this weekend because by then our wood floors will be put through the whole house! I can't wait! I guess we will do it ourselves. I was hoping to have the flooring in by Christmas. I think it will look really nice with the Christmas tree all set up in the far back middle of the living room.

We also started listening to Christmas music. If you are looking for an AMAZING Christmas music CD you HAVE to buy the Celine Dion's CD called "These Are Special Times" it really is the BEST. It is difficult to pick out a favorite song, but this one made the top pick in my books. Do any of you have this CD? What do you think of it? I am looking forward to dropping Jacob off at pre-school in a half an hour then I will have the rest of the morning to myself then he will nap the rest of the afternoon. I just love Tuesdays!


connie said...

I LOVE CHRISTmas music too~the boys & I have been playing CHRISTmas cd's in my car for weeks now! I don't have this particular cd but I love Celine Dion so I'll have to see if I can find this ;)

How exciting that you'll have your wood floors!! Congrats! You'll have to take before & after pics & share w/us :) We have hardwood floors in our family room, dining room, & hall~I wanted it in the whole house when we 1st built it almost 3 years ago but Bobby wanted carpet in the bedrooms :( And, we have tile in the kitchen & 2 bathrooms. I'm hoping one day we can upgrade the carpet in the bedrooms to hardwood~carpet stains so easily~especially w/2 kiddies ;)

Anyway, hope you enjoy your day~ALL Mom's deserve some "me" time :)

Andrea said...

Hey Naomi! Just wanted to let you know that you won a Name Your Tune CD from my blog!! So if you can email me at andraya3[at]yahoo[dot]com with your address and the name of the child that you want in the songs on the CD, and also what you want on the label of the CD (like love from, Mommy or Love from, Mommy and Daddy...etc.)

Andrea said...

Sorry...I meant to call you Shanilie!! I just copied and pasted my comment from the other winner...hehe...So I AM talking to YOU, not Naomi!!

Shanilie said...

Connie: You HAVE to get that CD!!! You won't be disappointed. I listen to it ALL the time!

Andrea: Yippie!!!! I'll email you right away. How exciting! I never win anything! Jacob is going to LOVE this for Christmas.

HeiressChild said...

CONGRATULATIONS SHANILIE on winning the name your tune cd. you certainly deserve to win, and jacob will be really excited.

i haven't heard celine's christmas cd so i'll have to listen to it. i love michael w. smith's christmas cd's. i've been listening to christmas music for the past 2-3 weeks also. i guess we're all getting in the christmas spirit early. *lol*

what a great project putting in the hardwood floors yourselves. i know they will be so beautiful, and in time for christmas too. what an extra blessing!

Laura said...

Yeah, I have the CD, i've had it since before we were married. I also love Christmas music, I love my Boney M CD (absolute classic christmas music - ask Ryan), my Jim Brickman piano music Christmas CD (the Gift - I recommend this one too), Chris Rice, Natalie Grant.... I also really want to get Third Day's Christmas album - they're one of my favourite bands.

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