High Winds = No Power & Contest


I just wanted to let do a quick post....while I can anyway as I have been away for a week now. The days since Halloween have been pretty hectic - there were high winds that knocked down a bunch of trees into some power lines so most of NS was without power for a few days. It is amazing how much a person relies on power to do the simplest things and the one that sticks out most in my mind is WATER! We couldn't flush the toilet, get drinking water, shower, do dishes. Thankfully we have a brook in our back yard where we could bring up buckets of water up to flush the toilet and to boil water for washing the dishes. Not only that, we didn't have tv, internet, radio! We brought up our camping propane stove to cook with and had a million candles all over the place for light. Thankfully it wasn't too cold out because since we don't have a wood furnace we didn't have heat either. They days went by REALLY slowly but thankfully we got our power back yesterday. Some places didn't even get their power till today. My grandmother lives a few houses down but is on a completely different power grid and she still doesn't have any power. I guess that is what we will have to look forward to this winter. You've got to love living by the ocean because the wind is just so powerful. Some days I wish we lived closer to the city so that when the power goes out we would at least have a town water supply and we would be closer to everything. But I don't think I could give up the view of the ocean in my back yard. I heard a song recently that I just fell in love with. I found it was really fitting for my heart and thoughts. I hope to get to everyone's blogs soon!

Also I wanted to mention that Andrea over at The Laughs Will Go On is having a great give away! It is a name your tune CD. My little sister had one of these when she was a little girl and it was SO special for her to hear a song and have her name in it! I would love to give Jacob one for Christmas. He is always listening to his kids songs in the car or at home. So head on over to Andrea's blog and enter!


Summer said...

Hi Shanilie,

I hate it when the power goes out!! I especially hate the when lights are out!!

Cute photo of Jacob!!

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, i'm glad power has been restored to you, and i hope it won't be long for your grandmother's to be restored. where i live is pretty good; very seldom does the power go out, but i keep flashlights throughout my home just in case. just like you, i'd still live on the ocean also if i could, and just plan for the outages. i remember once when my husband was living and my children were young, our power went out, but we lit candles and played charades and other made-up games and had the best time.

nice song; i hadn't heard it before.

connie said...

Sorry to hear you've been w/out power but glad it's been restored. That's such a cute pic of Jacob~looks like he's going to have a love of the ocean like his Mama ;) I've heard that song before & like it too. I hope your Grandmother's power is restored very soon!

Wendy said...

I thought we were going to lose power this weekend also! We had remnants of "Noel", but thankfully we didn't. I am glad that you are all back on the power grid.

I love that song:) One of my favs!!

thomasscholllmt said...

I have lost power here several times. When ever a hurricane come there is a great chance we will lose power. I try to have a gas stove and water heater. It really helps. Also we don't lose our water here in Miami when we lose electricity. That must really add to the berden. Glad to here you got your power back.

Andrea said...

hey! Thanks for entering my contest, and we JUST had the power go out at our place the other day too! It was kinda crazy...but Tate got sleepy real fast in the darkness!! haha :)

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