Enjoying All The Fall Colors


I love to have my lit up village set up above the piano. Every year we collect different pieces. The above decoration on the wall was a gift from Lucci. I guess these are popular decorations in Brazil. They use the wheat to weave various shapes. They weave it very tightly so that when it is finished it looks very silky and shiny. I don't know what it is called exactly. I will ask Lucci what she calls it in Portuguese then get back to you.

Renovating the living room was a big job. I am so glad I got rid of all the dark blue wall paper that was on the walls. After we took the wall paper off we had to crack fill and sand down most of the walls because of cracks and holes the previous owners wanted to hide by putting up wall paper in the first place 40+yrs ago. After that we had to prime and paint. Once all the painting was done, we had to get rid of the terrible looking matching gray/blue laminate flooring they had. They didn't put it down right so all the edges were curling up. Then we were finally able to put down the flooring. It looks considerably better but there is still a long way to go. We have to remove the spacers from the wall then we have to put up baseboard molding through the whole house. But, it was ready enough to put out the Christmas decorations. We have everything up except for the Christmas tree. The reason we are waiting on putting up the tree is because we like to have a real tree and if we put it up now, there will be no needles left on the tree for Christmas day. Oh the joys of having a real tree. But I wouldn't trade it for a fake tree. Anyway, there is one room's before and after shots.

*click image for larger view*


connie said...

That is a beautiful pic of the Fall leaves~gorgeous view!! I love your lit up village~I remember you posting pics of it last year :) That's a neat gift Lucci gave you guys!

I LOVE the before & after pic of your living room!!!! You guys did a fantastic job. Renovating is a difficult job but SO worth it when you finish~especially when it's your own home ;) It looks great though & I can't wait to see more pics of your house!

summer said...

Ditto!! to Connie's comment

Andrea said...

Reno's are SO much work...but it always looks so nice when it's finally done! :) I love your new living room! :)

Thomas said...

I would Sure like to see fall leaves someday. I put up a coloring page of fall leaves www.brendasfriends.com/coloringpages.html
but it is based on pictures.

I renovations look good. Keep up the great work.

HeiressChild said...

the picture is really beautiful and i love the lit-up village. it's very unique.

i know it's very rewarding when you finish and step back and look at all that's been done in the rennovations.

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