Decorating Ideas Anyone....?


As you have probably already noticed, I haven't been posting any recent photos. My camera completely died. It dropped a while back but it could still take photos, you just couldn't make any short video clips or click on the review button, then it gradually got worse and I couldn't press any buttons, and now it won't even turn on. I think we will have to remedy that soon! So I am going to continue to talk about "christmasy" things my new word ;)

Since the holidays are quickly approaching I can't stop thinking about how I am going to decorate the house. Last year we wanted to try things the old fashioned way, we cut a tree from our back yard, strung popcorn, hung candy canes and made gingerbread cookies for decorations. It looked pretty laughable. Actually, our tree was the talk of the town....or the laugh of the town. The two Christmas' before that we didn't even have a tree and our very first Christmas was in MB and I didn't have any family around. So.....needless to say, I am trying to make this Christmas a very memorable one. What do you do for decorating? Any ideas would be MuCH appreciated! Besides our Christmas tree, we have a nativity scene, and I have my little lit-up village. I just love the lit-up houses. They are SO pretty! My wreath is hung on the front door already, the blue icicle lights are half way finished and I have green 'fake' bows along the outdoor banister with clear light wrapped around. But I am looking for more ideas!

We usually open gifts EARLY morning on the 25th. Jacob is at the age where I think he will be VERY excited on Christmas morning. I can't wait to see his excitement. Also, we have our two exchange students, our very own home and my mom is coming over
this year too to watch us open our gifts. We are going to have a full house Christmas morning. I can't wait! This will really be the best Christmas yet! and not only that mine and Ryan's 5th Christmas together as a married couple. CRAZY how fast time flies when you are married!

I am trying to do major house cleaning and organizing as well. I finally got all of our summer clothes packed up and stored away. We won't be wearing shorts again any
time soon lol. It is great because now we actually have room to put things in our dresser! Christmas is a good time to get out with the old and make room for the new. I also got a bag of clothes ready to take to the Salvation Army. Clothes we don't wear anymore and things that don't fit. I even Lysol wiped all of Jacob's toys and put away the toys he doesn't even play with any more. I am hoping to finally start posting before and after photos once I have someone's camera to use.

That is about all of the recent happening's going on over here. I have plenty more Christmasy topics coming up so I hope you don't get tired of all this Christmas talk! And Just because I love this CD so much, here is another song for you to listen to :)


Thomas said...

Down here in Miami we get out our winter closes and need to keep out our summer clothes. We put away our winter clothes in spring.

We had the house real clean for Lisa's aunts visit. It is not quite back to being its normal mess, but we are well on our way. We have a real small place and to many things.

I am glad you are going to have a lot of company on christmas. It really is my favorite time of year.

Shanilie said...

Hi Thomas, thank you for your comments on my blog. I have made several attempts to visit your blog but your profile is blocked and I can't get to your page. What is your blog url?

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