Christmas Card Swap


Well the time has come once again to send out Christmas cards. I usually have close to 100 people that I send Christmas cards to, but this year we did some much needed 'editing' to our Christmas card list. Now we are close to 40. ahhh....I feel much better now lol. Several of my blog friends are doing a Christmas card exchange so I felt inspired to make a button!

You don't have to exchange cards with me to use this button. Just paste this code in your space and you can do your own Christmas card swap with anyone you like!

If you would like to exchange Christmas cards with me click on my contact me button and email me your address


Summer said...

That is such a cool button!!!

Wendy said...

WOW!Arn't you so talented!?! Great button:) I already have one ready to send out to your family.

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