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Several people across blogland are doing an Ask Me Anything post and I thought I would do one too! Blogger 'chick' over at Jason, For The Love of God got inspired by 'M' at And Then There Were 2. Check out all the questions that she answered. What a neat way to get to know your blogger friends better and what's a blog if not a place to talk about yourself ;)

So.....go ahead and ask me anything!

Leave your questions in the comments section and if you don't want me or anyone else knowing who you are you can always post your question as anonymous.

You can even ask more than one question, about anything and everything and I will attempt to answer all of the questions.

Looking forward to answering any questions that you may have had about me over the last year I have been blogging


That Chick Over There said...

Did you have a lot of boyfriends before you met your husband?

HeiressChild said...

do you want more children? if so, how many more? if so, would you like to have multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)?

Summer said...

What do you do in your sparetime? and what is your favorite foods to eat?

connie said...

What is your most favorite aspect of Motherhood? :)

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, i just wanted you to know i appreciate you so much. i love my new blog look, and thanx so much for adding the music and everything else you've done. you are so special, but i knew that just from reading here on your blog and from the comments you always leave on mine. i have gotten so many compliments. you really do rock!

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