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Over our busy summer I didn't get a chance to post about this, so it is a little late. Ryan, Jacob and I were playing together outside when I heard Ryan start yelling and Jacob start crying. I ran over to see what was the matter then they ran into the house. Ryan had hornet stings all over him. Jacob only got 2 stings....thankfully Ryan got the full extent of the attack....hooray for daddy's who protect their children instead of themselves. Oh the things we do for our children lol. Later that night as we were laying in bed together Ryan starts getting REALLY sick and he said he was experiencing the worst pain he has ever been through. It was like this all night long. He had a million more reactions as well but I won't get into it all because you never know who's reading the blog. Needless to say it was a REALLY long night spent worrying and wondering what we were going to do. I swear if it had gone on for any longer I was tempted to take him to the hospital. By morning he was feeling better. He said he hasn't ever been stung by a hornet before. Jacob was fine and didn't have any reaction what so ever. I was praying he wouldn't go through what Ryan did. Jacob did have a few tears right when it first happened, one reason from pain, the second reason shock from seeing daddy yell. Jacob kept calling it a fly. "oooh, fly" in his sad little voice. Both of my boys were fine by morning. We were interested though on what exactly it was that he was stung by. After researching we found some interesting facts:
-He was stung by a yellow jacket hornet.
-Hornets are an allergen for people with an allergy to wasp venom -Hornets can sting multiple times
- they do not die after stingi
ng like a worker honey bee (honey bees actually survive when stinging other insects). They can also bite and sting at the same time.
-Those allergic to wasp stings are not necessarily allergic to bee stings as the poisons are different. -Multiple stings may be fatal due to the amount of venom
Needless to say, Ryan got rid of the nest after spraying it a TON with raid. I took some really neat pictures afterwards. I had a lot of fun looking through the nest ans seeing all the different stages of the hornets development. We will definitely be more careful the next time any of us gets stung. A dr. told us that he could either have a worse reaction next time or next time he wouldn't have anything. My mom said that she has adrenalin in her nursing bag in case of that is
good to know!


HeiressChild said...

i've been stung 3 times in my life, and did they ever hurt. i'm glad everything's ok with your husband and son.

Donna said...

We all got stung this Summer.

Ethan was playing one day at our friend house by the mulch and then we heard him screaming, he was covered in about 30 bees, I think they were the honey bee though, he only got stung about 3 times and had no reaction, so yeah!

It is scary though, I know.

connie said...

Oh no~Poor Ryan & Jacob! Glad they were both ok & that it wasn't more severe. You did capture some neat pics though ;) Hope you & your family had a good Thanksgiving on Monday! Seeing all the blogs from Canada talking about Thanksgiving has really had me craving Thanksgiving food, lol! So much so that I'm going to cook dressing tonite for dinner. I, of course, don't have a turkey yet because the grocery stores aren't stocking them yet but I'll come up w/something else to go w/it~potato salad for one ;)

Summer said...

OW! OW!! OWWW!!! That sounds realy painful! Glad Ryan and Jacob were okay!!

Wendy said...

ewww!!! This post gave me the chilly willies!! I am so deathly afraid of bees....I feel so horrible for Ryan, but what a good Daddy to protect little Jacob! I am glad that he was okay in the end!! Scary but atleast you know for next time.

Keira said...

I've only been stung once and am not keen for a repeat. I never ever want to see any of my nieces or nephews covered in bees or wasps! I think I'd totally lose it!

Andrea said...

Oh! That is scary! I'm glad Ryan and Jacob were OK after that whole ordeal! And hopefully you'll find no more hornet nests around your yard!!

VICTORIA said...

Very scary, so glad they are okay! We found a nest like that one, bigger I think on our road fall 2005. I took a great pic, if you want, I can email it to you.

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