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A few months back I graciously received a t-shirt from Ellen at My Conservation Baby to do a review. I was thrilled to be able to get the chance to do this and she was so quick to respond and sent it in the mail right away. Now here it is October already and I am finally doing the review. The joys of moving and renovating I guess.

She started a new business a while back by making unique and Eco-friendly gifts and clothing. She offers an organic cotton line as well as a conventional cotton line. All her shirts have really cute sayings such as "Stop Global Warming" :-) "Conserve". I was so excited when I received a onsie set from with matching bib and hat in the camo colors but sadly it was too small for Jacob. But my brother and his wife just had a little baby boy and so, it ended up being the perfect gift and the highlight at the baby shower and this way it will get a lot of use. I got to talk about the various ways I am environmentally friendly and helped to inspire others there to do the same. They were ALL very interested in this new and unique product. And since my brother is in the military and his uniform is in the camo colors that was also a highlight because he could look like daddy!

Ellen's site is part the"1% For the Planet Alliance" organizati
on. This organization donates 1% of all gross sales to an environmental organization pre-approved by 1% FTP. What a neat charity to work for!
Also, if you have any friends who are Eco-friendly or are searching for other ways to help the environment then this is the place for you. Check out her sight and see all the great things she has to offer. It will definitely be a one of a kind gift and you would be spreading the news at the same time! She has a great selection and they are just so cute!

*click image for larger view* Jacob and his first cousin Michael - wearing the green camo onsie

I also got these 10 tips from Ellen's website on how to help conserve. It is never too early to start and people from all ages can help learn to get involved.

10 Ways To Teach Your Child About Conservation

1. Teach children respect for animals. You can take them to a petting zoo for a hands-on discussion.

2. Have them turn off the water when they’re brushing their teeth and explain why it's important to conserve water.

3. Recycle, re-use and replenish as much as possible. How you handle household trash influences your children since children learn by modeling behavior. Have them put the bottles, aluminum, etc. in the household recycle bin to get into the habit of sorting and depositing items to recycle.

4. Tell your kids to turn off lights when they’re not in use.

5. Encourage your kids to take shorter showers. (You can do that too). Reduce shower time by five minutes.

6. Go to a nature store and purchase items that will help your children learn about the environment. Pick up rocks and fossils and talk about extinction and preservation.

7. Take your child to botanical gardens to teach them to appreciate plants and trees. Buy them a plant and have them take care of it.

8. Help your child choose books on wildlife and nature at the library.

9. Let your child have a pet. Even something as small as a turtle can start a conversation about taking care of animals.

10. Try to tie a conservation message to all that you do.

To check out her website visit


laura said...

hey....what a good idea with those clothes!
and cute pics again ;)
cya, laura

connie said...

What a neat idea! The clothes are cute & are for such a wonderful cause! Jacob is such a cutie pie & looks proud to be wearing his clothing! Your brother's baby boy is just precious!

Stam House said...

I love my conservation baby too they are great and I love living green!

Thanks for the great review!

connie said...

Hi Shanilie! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog url & blog name~you can now find me @ Please update your link! Sorry if it's any trouble. I also left a message in your c-box~~I just wanted to make sure you're aware of the change :) Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Drea said...

ellens a sweet lady we love our shirts from her.
jacob looks so big ! hes such a handsome lil man

Dianna said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you're making special memories with loved ones.

Ellie said...

Shanilie, Can you send me your email address @ I thought I had your email addy, but I think it must have changed when you moved I wanted to email you today and it returned to me. Thank you. I love your blog! It's so neat!

Margo said...

great post, and a very important one too.

Wendy said...

:) Cute stuff!!!

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