Pumpkin Carving


Pumpkin Carving
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Enjoy the sideshow I made of the excnange students' first time carving a pumpkin~! We had a lot of fun doing this together and making new memories. We bought a carving kit which helped us to make really neat designs. As for the sideshow itself, click play and it will open in a new window. After posting it I realized that it made sounds....kinda odd but I wasn't about to re-do it all over again lol. ENJOY!


Summer said...

Hi Shanilie,

Your pumpkins look really cool!! I really like yours and Ryan's!! Great job on all the pumpkins!!

Wendy said...

the pumpkins came out great! I love doing the pictures that come along with the kits. FUN!!!

connie said...

You guys did a wonderful job carving the pumpkins! On our Halloween display that we put up outside, we have "real" pumpkins (that we haven't carved yet~will probably do that tomorrow since Justin's out of school for Fall Break) & electric ones. We have one of the kits you guys have but we can't ever get ours to do right :( Anyway, your pumpkins turned out great!!

Shanilie said...

Thanks all. If you ever get to try one of the kits make sure you buy one with the REALLY SMALL and short sawing knives. I have seen many kits with very dull large knives but the small ones really do the trick. They are so easy to use and you can carve even the most intricate stencils.

Laura said...

The slideshow is really cool. I love how your pumpkins turned out.

Anonymous said...

I liked the slideshow..you all have been busy getting ready for Halloween haven't you?

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