Our Weekend


We had a pretty eventful weekend. With taking our Primerica course the last two weekends, I was looking forward to a weekend home....but that didn't happen. Oh well, life happens and you go with the flow. Friday afternoon as soon as Ryan got home from school he had to take our two exchange students to New Brunswick for the night. It is an all night youth retreat with people from all over Canada. Hundreds of people gathered together to be encouraged int God's word, watch a hockey game and then spend the whole night in an indoor amusement park. Then at 8:00AM Sat. morning we had to pick them up. Boy, were they ever tired! They slept all Saturday and we didn't see them again till Sunday morning. I still haven't had a chance to ask how their evening went. lol Maybe when they get home from school later.

My dad flew home from BC all night Friday and we got to visit with him on Saturday then first thing this morning he left again for another few weeks. The joys of having a family member in the military I guess. It was nice being able to spend time with him, even if it was for only a day and a half. It helps to break up the long absences. Jacob is always looking at pictures of 'granddad' and I have to tell him that Granddad is 'bye bye' on his ship. So, quite often I hear Jacob talking to himself saying 'granddad boat' so I think he understands even a little of what it means when my dad is gone for so long. Jacob has even waited for granddad at the airport from time to time. Here are pictures from my Dad's last long absence. Even though Jacob is young and my dad is sometimes away for months at a time Jacob always remembers him and smiles ear to ear when he finally sees Granddad. The top picture was the look on Jacob's face when his eyes first met my dad's as he was walking out of the terminal. The second was when they finally got to see each other and Jacob was held. Staring at all of his features lol. Dad will still be away till Christmas and then more in the next year at sea but we always enjoy the time when Dad is home.


Robyn said...

I can relate to this. Although my family is not in the military they live very far away. My children only get to see my mom every couple of months. Now that my son is nearly 3 he remembers her and even talks to her on the phone. Its sad, though, when family isn't always around to see our little ones grow up. :(

Margo said...

Your dad is handsome. my boys call my dad "grandad" too. I'm glad you had a nice visit. :-)

Dianna said...

yes your dad looks young to be a grandfather judging from the picture. But now a days us daughters kinda rush our parents into grandparenting since they look forward to it so much anyhow! lol

Shanilie said...

Yes, I hear that a lot. He is up there in age. Getting bald and grays too. Since he has been away he has been trying to be healthier and lift weights, his goal is to be able to lift my mom with one arm lol. guys....funny creations ;)

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