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I was visiting Andrea's blog where she had a post about her one year school photo. Such a cute picture! Inspired by the site Mommy Knows where she is having a contest. I just love looking at old photos, so if you would like to participate, head over to for more details. Thanks Andrea for all your great inside news on all of the latest contests etc!

Below are the rest of my school years pictures for anyone who is interested.....just REMEMBER that in all of these photos, it USED to be the style lol. So don't laugh....well, not too hard anyway!!!

Grade Primary
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Eight
Grade Nine
Grade Ten

Grade Eleven
Grade Twelve Graduation
College Graduation

My School Years


Wendy said...

Very cute idea:) I wish that I had all my school pictures, this would be fun!!

connie said...

Aww, how cute you were! What a neat idea! I'm w/Wendy, I wish I had all my school year photos but my Mom has them all. If I had them all, I'd definitely participate though :)

Andrea said...

This is great!! I loved looking at all your pics! :) You were so cute when you were little (and I'm sure Ryan still thinks you are cute...well maybe beautiful. haha ;) ). Oh, and I still think you're beautiful too! ;) :)

Pinks & Blues said...

OMG! How adorable. I love those barrets. I think I had the same ones but in pink and red. And look at those missing teeth! How precious. Thanks for sharing. Most go dig and find mine. I remember I had awful think bangs and I never used to actually smile AT the camera. Ahh... school photos!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

Shanilie said...

Yes, after I moved out my mom gave me a TON of old photos that she doesn't have up in her house and now they are collecting dust in my basement. What to do with things that we hardly ever look at but not want to throw them out. As for the barrets, I LOVED them! I remember having a whole assortment of colors. I wonder if they still make them like that?

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