Why I Gladly Accept Vaccinations


I recently have been across several blogs talking about this subject....whether they should vaccinate their children or not. Ultimately it is your own decision and I do not look down at anyone who chooses not to, but I wanted to do this post to say that I will gladly accept all of these vaccinations. You can get a shot for all three all at once or you can do one at a time. The most common is the one that includes them all. I am still amazed that hundreds of thousands of people that have been helped in the last 5 decades The success rate speaks for itself in the fact that the MMR viruses are definitely not "common" any more.
"These diseases have been recognized for several centuries. Mumps was common until the mumps vaccine was licensed in 1967. Before the vaccine, more than 200,000 cases occurred each year in the United States. Since then the number of cases has dropped to fewer than 1,000 a year, and epidemics have become fairly rare. Measles is highly contagious. When someone with measles sneezes or coughs, he or she can spread virus droplets through the air and infect others. Measles is very rare NOW in the United States - Due to widespread immunizations, the number of U.S. measles cases has steadily declined in the last 50 years. There were thousands of cases of the measles in 1950, but in 2002 there were just 44. Most of the time, the cases occur in settings where there are lots of kids, some of whom haven't gotten vaccinated or whose immunity has diminished since they got the vaccine.
To find out more about the MMR viruses click on this link." All of this information was copied and pasted, accurate information. There were MANY other sad photos I could have chosen from but they were just so hideous. These photos were on the mild end of the spectrum.

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QUOTE: "With ANY vaccine or drug, there is a possibility of a shock-like allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. This can include hives, wheezy breathing, or swelling of some part of the body. If this happens, particularly swelling around the throat, immediately go to your family doctor or hospital emergency department."


Keira said...

Congratulations on your new nephew! That's always so exciting. And welcome back to blogging!

Anonymous said...

While I agree, vaccinations have gone to huge lenghts to eliminate so many illnesses, and I did vaccinate my daughter as an infant, I won't do it as a toddler b/c the 2 year vaccination has been directly linked to autism, which I find very scary. I don't want to take that chance with my child, espcially because these illnesses are so rare these days.

Shanilie said...

Keira: Thank you! :) Babies are so wonderful. It is great to be blogging again.

Anonymous: I respect your decision. There are definitely many opinions regarding this. While I am not disregarding the .001% chance of those who are diagnosed with Autism or those may develop autism from this vaccine, if I had to choose from those odds I would rather take the chance from the very small percent of getting Autism than a huge percentage of cases of death from these viruses. Nonetheless, the reason it is "rare these days" is because people are getting their vaccinations. If/when more people start deciding not to vaccinate their children then we will all have something to worry about.

connie said...

I have had both my boys vaccinated & I'm happy w/that decision. In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. My oldest, Justin, began middle school this year & had to have a 2cd round of the Varicella & MMR (it's a requirement in the county we live in). I know there's many heated debates on this issue but I, like you Shanilie, feel better that my kids are protected if/when there's ever an outbreak of any of the diseases that my boys have been vaccinated from.

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, it's interesting how i'm seeing this subject also on other blogs, even ones i don't usually visit. i vaccinated both of my children and they're both healthy adults now with their own children, and they are getting their children vaccinated.

on the other hand, i have a cousin who doesn't believe in the vaccinations. i'll have to call her to see how she's faring since her daughter is now school-age.

i admire you for standing up for what you believe in, even when others are saying or doing otherwise.

Donna said...

Prayer covers everything!

I was scared about the MMR and my little guys just got his at 3. I waited as long as I could for the chicken Pox one for My daughter too, but the older they get the worse chicken pox can be. Do you notice how uncommon chicken pox are nowadays...even when I was a kid ( I am 26 now) EVERYONE got them, now you don't hear it so much.

The whole vaccination thing IS scary, especially because of the autism thing. But who nows, maybe it is the McDonalds everyone is eating, who knows.

But like you said everyone is entitled to their opinion and the diseases and the shot itself is scary, so who nows who is right.

Summer said...

Hi Shanilie,

I had all three of my children vaccainted and all three of my kids turned out healthy!

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing the other side of the story Shanilie. I think I'm starting to lean more in this direction again. I was pretty confused with all the information I was reading on other blogs. I also think that we trust our doctors to do what is right for our children, and God works through them as well. He gave them the ability to figure these things out, and I'm going to trust that my children will not be harmed by them.

HeiressChild said...

hi, this was posted in my today's newspaper here in maryland:

Prince George's County has barred as many as 2,300 students from school for failing to receive state-mandated vaccines for chicken pox and hepatitis B.

School spokeswoman Tanzi West was unsure of the exact number of students sent home, but the count of students who hadn't complied on Thursday, the last day of a 20-day grace period, was 2,317.

Students on that list were sent home Monday if they did not have proof that they had been vaccinated or had scheduled an appointment for a shot. Students unable to show proof were sent home.

The county and the school system are operating clinics where students can receive free immunizations.

i know the shots are mandatory here, and i was curious to know how the school system handles it. well, now i know.

Shanilie said...

Thank you all for your comments. It is good to get feed back. I had heard so many others going the other direction so I figured why not share my 2 cents on why I recieve vaccinations.

Thank you for the article clipping Sylvia!

Wendy said...

I had Wesley vaccinated and followed the drs schedule and really didn't know any better! I am having Lani vaccinated, but we are doing it on our own schedule, and I am insisting that I see the ingredients on each vaccine to be sure themerisol (not sure of the spelling) is not included!!

Thanks for being brave enough to share the other side...YOU ROCK!!

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